Make A Hidden Room – Embody Your Children’s Dream

 How to see the invisible, make a loophole, which can be used, in some case, save your secrets from uninvited guests, and at the same time allows you to play in the Middle Ages? In the old days, secret rooms were an essential element of the house plan. However, popular and easy to integrate into the main interior design, hidden room remains actual to this day. And the popularity of it can not be doubted. Remember any known historical character, even spyware detective, even Harry Potter! But it turns out that the hidden niches, cubbyhole, tiny rooms and even a full-fledged residential and working areas are quite possible to imagine in a modern house (and sometimes even in an apartment).

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Secret rooms, passages, and secret niche have always had a special, almost mystical appeal. Well, there is a practical benefit, too. In some of these rooms (in Chicago, for example) during Prohibition were located underground bars or little factories for the production of alcohol, and others were built during the Cold War. Some are designed to ensure the safety of owners, some are equipped for children’s games, some as a cabinet, a sauna, or a garage. The planning of a house in which there is a hidden room, need to be thought more carefully than usual.

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In ancient Egypt, almost all the large houses were built with secret havens and passages (or fake, leading to a dead end) to confuse assassins or robbers. It is impossible to count how many monarchs in the history survived thanks to secret rooms and passages that  helped to avoid certain deaths. Well, each of the modern presidents and other rulers too, no doubt, has a secret place where they can hide in case of the slightest threat.

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In general, no matter – in the Middle Ages or today, a hidden room is one of the ideas of interior design that does not lose its relevance and popularity! So it is not surprising that more and more owners are asking designers to include it in the draft of the house room, hidden away from prying eyes.

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Do you remember when being a child you dreamed of finding a secret passage in your house? It’s amazing, but many of us have saved this craving for secret shelters, even when we grew up. Movable shelves, hidden staircases, camouflaged doors and sliding walls today are experiencing a new rise of their popularity. So it’s the right time to make your most secres dreams come true!

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