The Danger Of Pokemon: You Will Never Hunt Them After This…

Pokemon Go is not so bright and funny game, based on anime series. While most players can catch pokemons in free-to-visit places, some people has already suffered from this game trying to get their pokemons in hard-to-reach places. And now we are talking not about scatterbrain who walk in the middle of the highway!

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In fact, how to visit WC, when there is a rare pokemon on guard? Well, gamer better catch it rather than take care of himself!

A Pokemon sits on a toilet.

Enjoy pokemon hunt with Jiji! Just don’t get obsessed with it!

Some naughty gamer is playing Pokemon Go while driving.

Or what to do if you are stand face-to -face with the street gang, one of the members of which is Rattata?

A Pokemon sits between bottles of liquor.

Godzilla Pokemon. No comments.

Squirtle looking big in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon GO on a baseball field

Be careful – watch out the real world!

Sometimes “killer” Pokemon are funny.

A Pokemon on a pet in Pokemon GO.

Sometimes – creepy…

A Rattata Pokemon stands near a dead rat.

And some pokemons like funerals.

Pokemon Go at a funeral.

Growing popularity of Pokemon GO concerned not only parents whose children skip school and wander into unfamiliar place to find cartoon animals. There are already several cases, when teenagers found pokemons on dead bodies. It has been several major accidents involving not very smart people who were engaged in catching Pokemon driving and robberies committed in hazardous areas, where the player got to catch the next Pikachu and Squirtle.

For paranoiacs, it is a sign, that this game with augmented reality is the tool to watch for everyone!

Take care of yourself and do not become pokemon zombie!

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Have fun with Jiji!