DIY Decor Ideas Made From Coffee Beans

In recent years, a skillful fancy worker for creations use different materials and supplies, and is now the coffee beans are at the peak of the popularity! In fact, it turns out, they are suitable not only for creating the flavored drink, but also to create a not less flavored decor and interior decorations.

So, coffee-lovers, let’s start to create together with Jiji!

To master the technique of creating a masterpiece of the coffee beans is not so complicated, and anyone who even slightly knows how to manipulate objects and has a creative imagination can do it. But it is better to start with a simple craft for beginners.

It could be:

  • decorative vases, jars, glass
  • creative of photo frames
  • decorated candles, candlestick
  • maps
  • decorative pictures
  • coffee topiary

At first glance, many handicrafts from coffee beans seem incredibly complicated, but it is not so. Most handy people who are involved in a creative direction and achieved great heights of excellence, calling to not afraid to experiment and do not stop even if something turns out not quite the way you wanted.

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We can distinguish such advice, which will help you in working with coffee beans:

  • Use high-quality materials for the craft. This does not mean that you need to buy all the expensive – more can be found at home for free.
  • Be creative and experiment, do not try to copy other people’s work and create something new and different.
  • Learn to enjoy the process of creation, then it will come from the soul and please the eye.

The most simple crafts from coffee beans do not require many tools – all you need in most cases are glue and pre-form for decorating, on which you will stick grains. After completion of the work, it can be covered with varnish.

The simplest option would be decorative scented candles, which can be not only used for aesthetic purposes in your home, but also as presents for close people.

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Next level – coffee pictures and photo frames

??????? ?? ???????? ????? (25 ????)The plot of “coffee” picture can be very different from the traditional steaming cup of coffee to grand artistic paintings. The plot is limited only by the scope of your imagination.

The process of making paintings not laborious, and only requires accuracy and creativity.

1. Cover thick cardboard with sheet cloth, securing it with glue on the opposite side
2. Think about the story of picture by using stencils, place the image (if there are no stencils, they will replace the simple device: print the image on a thin sheet of paper and circle it with eyeshadows or blush to reshoot drawing on canvas)
3. Then carefully glue the coffee beans
4. Decorate picture with any other material – ribbons,  cord etc.
5. The final touch:cover the coffee beans a colorless varnish and when dry, insert a picture in a frame.

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