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Unordinary Ways To Hire Personnel

When you watch movies in which they put heroes in awkward situations and ask them to do impossible things, you start thinking: what would I say to that? Remember how the heroes of such movies select candidates by a simple test: “Sell me the pen!”?


More and more employers choose non-traditional recruitment methods today. Such situations actually show whether you are capable to make complex deals and negotiations or not.


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Unordinary tests

Microsoft and Google are famous for that. Being interviewed by these companies you will have to think carefully: How many tennis balls will fit in a school bus? Why a hatch cover is round? And, by the way, how to wash all the windows in the city?

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According to the representatives of these companies, the person who will be responsible for the sales of the product, will need not only to be acknowledged with the standards, regulations and technologies. It is important to have the logic and the ability to easily find a way out even from unclear and sometimes absurd situations.

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Stress interview

And here some employers and analysts even use an analogy with voltage — something like job “at 200 volts”.

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Common scenario of stress interviews involves:

  • being late for an interview of the representative of an employer at the time of half an hour or more;
  • inattention to merits, degrees, titles, education of the applicant;
  • the loss of the candidate`s CV;
  • creating uncomfortable conditions;
  • asking indecent questions;
  • the unexpected recruiter`s action.

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The next place in our ranking takes the so-called Brainteaser-interview. The essence of the method is that candidates must answer an intricate question or resolve a logical task.

Brainteaser 1

The purpose of such non-standard method is to check the analytical thinking and creative abilities of the applicant. Accordingly, the target audience to use Brainteaser interview are creative workers (programmers, advertising managers, auditors, consultants).

Brainteaser 3

Brainteaser interview questions can be divided into several groups:

  • small logic problems with clearly defined answers;
  • tasks that do not have a clear answer;
  • exercises in which you want to show originality of thinking (for example, how to construct the saltshaker, or to sell the pen).

Brainteaser 2

Socionic analysis

The fourth place on a pedestal of nonconventional methods to hire personnel belongs to socionics – the science, which studies the process of processing the information from the outside world by human psyche.

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People belonging to the same sociotype demonstrate quite typical behavior under various conditions, when making decisions, as well as operate the same motifs in addressing certain problems.

Job interview gone wrong

Observation of the behavior is based on the assessment of the nature of gestures and movements. For example, sudden abrupt motions are characteristic feature of intuits. Sensoric people love to take all the free space around themselves and, as a rule, are comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings.

Job Interview

For a more accurate diagnosis of type the specialist needs an experience, observation, and attention.

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