Top 5 Most Popular Online Jobs

While most people still stick to their office jobs, freelancing gradually becomes more and more popular, which is not surprising, considering the endless advantages online jobs have over the 9 to 5 working schedule. Most importantly, you are free to choose your own workload and working hours. Plus, if you want to, you can combine your day job with freelancing in order to grow your income. Here are 5 online jobs that are currently in demand.

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The main requirement for becoming a transcriptionist is to have great English listening comprehension skills. You will be given audio and video recordings, and your job will be to transcribe them into a Word document or create subtitles for the video. In addition to proficiency in English, you will also need a computer, a comfortable desk, a headset, and quiet environment, so that nothing could distract you from the work and you wouldn’t miss any important pieces of information.


Web developer

Developing is one of the highest paying online jobs, but it’s also among the most demanding ones. You can’t just decide you want to develop websites and instantly get a job – instead you’ll need to invest some time and money in training. However, skilled web developers will never be left unemployed and will easily land a freelance job with a respectable company. It’s very important for a web developer to have an outstanding portfolio that will tell the employer that you are exactly the person they’ve been looking for.


Travel agent

Working in travel is a dream job for many applicants, but with an internet connection and some prior knowledge you can easily make an online career out of it. As an online travel agent, your main responsibilities will be to find clients and organize their tours. The first part of the job is usually done on social media websites, as well as websites that let you post free ads. As for the second part, you will need access to lots of travel resources and become a member of a network of other travel agents and companies that can help you plan a journey.


Social media manager

Social media presence is now a must-have for both large and small brands, but not every company has the time and skills to build their own online profile, which is why social media management is one of the fastest growing fields. In order to become a SMM specialist, you need to have expert knowledge of social media, keep an eye on the ever changing online trends, and know how to grow an online following. Obviously, you have to be an active social media user too!


Call centre worker

Most businesses, especially online stores and services, deal with customer calls, but in an attempt to cut costs and keep their staff lean, they outsource their call centre needs, and you can become a call centre worker as well. To get this job, at the very least you’ll need a computer and a headset. You may also need some specific equipment and software. To work as a customer service representative, you need to have a nice voice, great communication skills, and an ability to soothe conflicts and quickly solve problems.


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