3 Top Design Upgrades In iPhone 7

Apple has been always impressing the world with the extraordinary futuristic design of all its devices. Since the first iPhone saw the world, each next model kept people wondering where the ideas came from and how it was possible to embody those ideas into a real piece of technique. Well, well, we can discuss these matters for long hours to come, but there is no time as the newest iPhone 7 was introduced to the world just several days ago, and it has definitely got something to say!

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Size and Feel


Fortunately for every iPhone user, the upgraded iPhone 7 hasn’t increased in its size and has stayed with the same 4.7-inch screen. Consequently, the feeling of keeping your smartphone in hand is pretty the same, with one small exception – it now weighs 5 grams less. If analyzing the screen characteristics more deeply, it is now featured with a 25% brighter HD Retina display and includes the pressure-sensitive 3D Touch layer, which buzzes every time you press and hold the screen. Of course, the upgraded button might seem a bit unfamiliar for those users who got used to a ‘normal’ press button, but such special characteristics as three levels of pressure will make everyone adore them.

No Headphone Jack


Instead of the regular headphones port, the lightning connector port will be used. This has also influenced the design and weight of the new generation of iPhones, as the headphones port took some place in its body. Moreover, another option of listening to music has appeared with the upgraded Apple headphones, which are now wireless. Cannot, but mention that these incredible devices are indeed smart as they automatically turn on as soon as you put them inside your ears and they can connect to literally any of your Apple devices.

Range of Colors


Apple couldn’t resist adding some more colors to the iPhone appearance. So now, in addition to the existing Silver, Gold and Rose Gold colors we now can enjoy the new Black and Jet Black ones. The process of creating these kinds of colors is definitely unique. A machine drags the aluminum housing through a specialized powder, which buffs out imperfections and helps to produce a mirror-like effect. The housing then goes into an anodization tank, where electricity jolts the surface of the aluminum into aluminum oxide, making it more corrosion-resistant. Both Black-matte and glossy Jet Black colors look extraordinary, so no matter which one of them you opt for – be sure, it will always be a win-win choice.

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