5 Reasons To Upgrade To iOS 10

Although the latest version of Apple’s iOS was unveiled months ago, it wasn’t until mid-September that we actually got to experience the advantages of the new operating system. And while many users have already upgraded their devices to iOS 10 and are currently enjoying the improved software, other users are hesitating. If you belong in the latter group, here are 5 reasons for you to upgrade your iPhone and finally enjoy iOS 10.

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Delete stock apps

For years Apple users didn’t have an opportunity to get rid of pre-installed apps they don’t really need. These stock apps include dozens of various applications, and while some of them, like Notes and Watch, can be quite useful, others, like Compass and Stocks, have never been popular among most users. Starting with iOS 10, you finally have the chance to clear your phone of stock apps. Now you don’t even need a separate folder to hide the apps you don’t want – simply delete them one by one and instantly tidy up your device.


Improved interface

iOS 10 designers have put a lot of work into making the system interface more informative and enjoyable to use, and that includes everything, from the lock screen to notifications. The last major notifications redesign happened in iOS 7, but now you can do much more with notifications than just read them. From now on notifications use live data, which allows you to keep track of everything happening with your apps without having to unlock the phone. If you have one of the newer iPhones, like iPhone 6S or iPhone 7, you can also use 3D Touch to access a wide variety of notification options.


Make the most of Siri

Siri has been a pioneer digital assistant since iOS 5, and with each OS upgrade Siri has received both minor and major upgrades. The main iOS 10 upgrade is that Siri can now understand your commands regarding third-party apps, and not just the stock apps like it was before. It means that now you can tell Siri to send a message through WhatsApp, make a call on Skype, or communicate with friends on Facebook. Mention a particular person from your contact list and the message will go to that person directly! You can search photos, use fitness apps, make mobile payments, and use taxi services – all with the help of Siri.


Make your Messages more exciting

Before iOS 10 Messages was a useful app for texting people, but it didn’t offer much in terms of additional features. Now your messages sent via the app can get a totally different look with the help of a variety of effects, including text bubbles. If there is a special occasion, you can use effects like Balloons and Confetti. And if you’re in a mood for more effects, you can access them via the App Store, where you will find stickers, a button for replacing words with emojis, a technology that lets you share the name of the song currently playing on your device, and much more.


Improved picture search

If you’re a person who takes hundreds of iPhone photos every months, navigating through old pictures can be quite challenging, and that’s where iOS 10 is designed to help you. The upgraded recognition mechanism in Photos can now recognize objects and people, which will help you find the pictures you’re looking for much quicker. Moreover, you can sort the pictures by their date and location, which allows you to create albums from your trips or memorable events automatically. There are also improved sharing options for photos in iOS 10.


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