Asthma Treatment: The Power Of Nature

Asthma has become a serious problem in the modern society because of its progressive course.

Medications for asthma play a major role in asthma treatment and control. However, the regular intake of drugs can affect the other internal organs in a negative way, so people often wonder how to treat asthma with help of numerous alternative remedies.

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Asthma symptoms

Asthma symptoms can vary and depend largely on the stage of the disease. The most common among them are:

  • shortness of breath or suffocation;
  • cough;
  • frequent shallow breathing with longer exhale;
  • wheezing when breathing;
  • the common position of the patient during an attack. In medicine, this pose is called orthopnea. The patients usually sit down, drop their feet and firmly grasp the bed.



There are two main types of medicines that can help you fast or slowly:

  • anti-inflammatory drugs are an important type of therapy for the majority of asthma cases, preventing asthma attack at the very beginning. These drugs reduce swelling and mucus production in the airways;
  • bronchodilators make the symptoms of asthma less intense by relaxing the muscles that compress the airway.

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Non-drug treatment

Fast help during an asthma attack:

  • Grind old turmeric root into powder, add 2 tablespoons of honey to a spoonful of turmeric powder. The entire portion must be eaten at once (you should better take old honey as well). This means can easily stop an asthma attack. The remedy has no side effects, and it can be taken once a day, even in the absence of attacks.
  • Warm up a ripe banana on a medium heat, sprinkle it with black pepper and eat immediately. After the banana is eaten, symptoms of asthma will significantly subside.
  • Eucalyptus oil that contains eucalyptol that helps to breathe freely and remove mucus is another great way to help you treat asthma. To fight asthma attack, apply a couple of eucalyptus oil drops on a paper towel and place it on the night next to your head in order to inhale oil vapors.


Health support therapy:

  • Prepare a tincture with 400 grams of ginger root powder and 1 liter of alcohol infusing it for 2 weeks. Shake the tincture while it is being prepared and then filter it. The tincture must be taken two times per day, one teaspoonful each time. The tincture strengthens the bronchi, improves digestion and has a healthy effect on kidneys.
  • Mix 20 g of propolis with 80 g of alcohol, infuse during a week, and then filter. Take 20 drops with water or milk half an hour before a meal three times per day. The course of treatment is 3 months.


Herbs for your lungs:

  • coltsfoot;
  • speedwell;
  • oregano;
  • thyme;
  • peppermint;
  • hyssop;
  • marrubium vulgare;
  • plantain;
  • elecampane root;
  • liquorice;
  • marsh mallow.


Pour a glass of boiling water into 1 tablespoon of these herbs mix, boil for 5 minutes, then infuse for another hour. One third of a cup should be taken 3 times per day before meals.


  • you can simply inhale fresh honey that helps to relieve asthma attack;
  • dissolve 1 teaspoonful of honey in 0.5 cup of hot water and drink this 3 times per day;
  • you can try taking the following remedy before going to bed: mix 1 tbsp. of honey with 1 teaspoonful of cinnamon and wash it down with water. The remedy will help you to get rid of phlegm and sleep peacefully all night!


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