How To Train Your Brain To Remember Almost Anything

Not everyone on the planet is blessed with a great memory and it tends to get worse with years. Many of us have trouble remembering not just specific or random facts, but also basic information such as people’s names and birthdays, shopping list, and directions. Here are 5 ways to improve your memory and remember things faster.

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1. Engage your memory

This seems like such an obvious tip, but it actually works. Memory works better when it is constantly used. Try relying less on your notes and sources and more on your memory, both in your professional life and your daily routine. You can use some backup – for example, a shopping list on your phone – but try to memorize as many items as possible. Regularly using your memory for more and more challenging tasks works wonders for its development.

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2. Learn new stuff

This method is closely connected to the first one, but it’s more about new skills and knowledge rather than mundane, everyday tasks. Most people slow down their learning process as they grow older, but if you want your memory to be stronger, learning new things should become your daily task. One of the most effective ways to boost your memory is learning new languages, and there are tons of apps, such as Duolingo, that help you do that. Learning new dance moves is also very helpful for training your memory.

3. Move your body more

As adults in the 21st century, we tend to not move nearly as much as we need to. If you work in a job where you have to spend 8+ hours in one position and you barely engage your body, your memory will suffer as much as your physical condition. Even 20 minutes of physical activity boosts your memory and cognitive functions, helping your brain develop neural connections faster. It doesn’t have to be a gym workout or something equally intense – dancing energetically to your favourite music for 20 minutes also counts.

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4. Divide the information

Remembering large chunks of information can be difficult when you’ve had little to no practise memorizing things lately. This can be even harder when you are trying to remember something other than text, where words can help you create individual associations and burn into your memory faster. If you are tasked with remembering a major piece of information that does not create any mental images for you, it can help to break it down into small pieces and go one by one, repeating the sequence from the beginning each time you memorize a new fragment.

5. Talk to other people

Talking to other people can lift your spirits, boost your brain’s functions, and help you put your thoughts in order. You probably know that people are mostly divided into introverts and extroverts, and you probably have a strong opinion regarding the group you belong to. For extroverts in particular, talking to other people is essential for developing a stronger memory, although it’s also true for introverts. However, there is one big difference. Introverts perform better when they are surrounded by people from their social circle, but extroverts can effectively communicate with all kinds of people and their memory only wins from it.

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