Going Far Pokemon Go Now On Apple Watch 2!

77676At the press event in San Francisco, Apple unveiled officially Pokemon Go version  for the  smart watches Apple Watch 2.

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Now all lucky owners of Apple Watch 2 can catch their pokemons with no need to carry iPhone with them. To start the game, they will need to go, and then the watch will help to see the pokemons around when they pass near the pokestop, as the watch will vibrate. Apple Watch 2 allows to track the progress of development of the eggs, you can collect items, and so on. In fact, Apple Watch 2 will help to make all except the most directly Pokemon quest. According to the company-developer, Niantic, Pokemon Go will be available for smart watches Apple Watch 2 till the end of the year. In fact, it is an analogue of the Pokemon Go Plus bracelet.

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In general, Apple is sure that Pokemon Go for the Apple Watch 2 is a good idea. The game makes users move more, while the Apple Watch 2 is also aimed at users with active lifestyles. After the session of the game, Apple Watch 2 will show how much you’ve gone and the success in the Pokémon Go. So the game is not just an entertainment, but also a kind of fitness application.

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