Miracle Apple Watch 2 Secrets You Should Know

Apple Watch Edition appears in a completely new, fantastically beautiful and extremely robust shell made of white ceramics. With all the features of Apple Watch Series 2, they are the next generation of timepieces.

 Classy Sports Watch


Apple Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS-module allows leaving the iPhone at home when you are going to run or ride a bike. The accuracy of measurement of your workout will remain the same. With them, you can swim in the pool or in the sea. Moreover, you can keep monitoring your performance. The information is clearly visible even in direct sunlight.

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Maximal strength of ceramics

Apple Watch 2 is made of lightweight, smooth and extremely durable ceramic material. Shell is harder than stainless steel in more than four times. And its glossy pearl surface is extremely scratch resistant and does not tarnish.

Craftsmanship of the shell making

The process of creating Apple Watch Edition shell begins with the mixing of zirconia powder with aluminum oxide. Thus, manufacturers achieve intense white color. Then, the shell is compressed, heat treated and polished with the diamond slurry to obtain a perfectly smooth glossy surface. This is an incredibly skillful process, so the production of each Apple Watch 2 shell takes a few days.

Advanced activity tracker

Apple Watch Series 2 track your movements throughout the day. Meeting at the other end of the city, walking with children, training in the gym – all this is summed and accounted for.

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The powerful health monitoring device

Apple Watch 2 is always with you, and therefore, it will help you better watch out for your health. With it help, you can monitor your heart rate and reduce everyday stress. As well as the use of additional applications that will be easier to stick to the regime. So you will have a complete picture of your health status.

Daily assistant

Read about calls and messages with an easy touch. Instantly find and launch your favorite applications. And cope with the daily chores, giving Siri voice commands. With Apple Watch Series 2 all relevant information and necessary functions are always near – right on your wrist. So, the busiest day will pass without forced breaks.

Applications and notifications

Apple Watch Series 2 helps you stay up to date, stay in touch and plan things all day long. With the new dual-core processor and more powerful graphics processor, applications run faster, and the animation looks more natural. New watch OS 3 allows you to instantly launch your favorite applications, and they always contain up to date information.

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