Slimming Tea: Benefits & Side Effects

Looking for simple, effective and safe ways to lose weight is one of the most important topics for many of women.

Busy people in today’s hectic world need to find easy and effective means for weight loss.

That’s partly why slimming teas have become so widespread and popular. However, not all of them are as effective and healthy as advertising on their packaging says.

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What is a tea for weight loss?

Modern tea for weight loss is not necessarily herbal, containing useful and medicinal herbs. Ordinary tea (black or green (or quality green tea weight loss products) with various additives can also be an effective slimming drink.


Benefits of tea for weight loss

The tea composition includes herbs and supplements that help to:

  • burn fat;
  • normalize metabolism;
  • calm down your nervous system;
  • reduce appetite or create the illusion of full stomach;
  • cleanse and tone the body;
  • provide your body with vitamins.


If you follow the instructions of drinking the tea, it will definitely have a beneficial effect on your body. However, it is important to remember that no tea is able to guarantee you ideal forms, if it is not used in combination with other more effective activities for weight loss.

Slimming tea side effects


  • The most dangerous effect of the slimming tea is that it washes out very important nutrients from human body; so it is not recommended for continuous use. Prolonged use of tea does not wash out only your feces, but your vital microflora as well. A course of not more than three weeks in a row is strongly recommended. In addition, you should not exceed the maximum dose of two cups per day;
  • most of the producers of slimming tea recommend reading the information on the package or in the instruction about the basic components of tea. Quite often the tea for weight loss can contain components that are potentially strong allergens;
  • it is also important to say that today the tea for slimming is becoming more and more popular, and as a consequence, this market segment is getting extremely attractive for producers of fake drugs. Experts repeatedly found such dangerous components as arsenic, chemical flavors, coloring, sweeteners, etc. in different kinds of slimming tea;
  • the intestines of the person who drinks such tea on a regular basis simply get used to the fact that tea does the entire work for it. As a result, this leads to the dysfunctional condition when the person cannot defecate without this help.

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In general, slimming tea of any composition is not recommended to anyone without adequate medical consultation.

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