Top Outstanding Characteristics Of The iPhone 7 Camera

The appearance of the newest iSight camera has definitely brought a completely new era of the photo-shooting quality. The new iPhone dual camera has pushed the phone photography to the level other smart phone cameras haven’t seen before. So let’s take a closer look what are those special features of the upgraded iPhone 7 camera that make it so special.

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Dual Camera


The most vivid new iPhone 7 feature is the dual camera, which is called to be just another step in a long line of updates, which looks something like 16-camera-module approach. These two cameras are like business partners working with one mutual goal – to make the best pictures possible regarding the quality, brightness, and high resolution.

Optical Zoom


The newest iPhone 7 camera is featured with two lenses for 28mm and 56mm, so the user can get two different magnifications using these lenses. As to the optical zoom and its sense in this context, in practice it is a bi-focal length. Multiple-camera systems are able to zoom between the two focal lengths computationally.

Processing Power


The image signal processor is called to be the secret weapon of a new Apple phone. Both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus cameras use the machine learning to scan a scene for faces and other objects, after which it pays a special attention to them when choosing exposure. It can also make an optimization from the white balance to noise reduction. Of course, it is not radically different from any other processor in other smart phones, it’s just much faster.

RAW Image Support


A possibility to access raw files means third-party photo-app developers can access the data, so they can deliver much better JPEG photos and provide you with control over settings that either weren’t there before or just made the pictures look worse. Moreover, the Apple Adobe Photoshop Lightroom now has the feature parity with the Android version. Besides, the raw files are now readable by tons of apps and applications on the laptops, desktops, tablets, and other mobile platforms.



Any new sensor that is incorporated into the phone’s camera requires a new image-processing engine, as each new combination of lenses and sensor is featured with different characteristics. So now it sounds like Apple has brought some of its processing algorithms to life in order to deliver its user the better results.

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