7 Ways To Teach Your Grannies To Use Internet

http://i0.wp.com/www.xklusivethoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Old-School-African-American-Couple.jpg?resize=744%2C302Internet and smartphones can be great tools to communicate with loved ones. Unfortunately, not all are willing to use these technologies. Modern digital devices seem to be too complicated or useless to many elderly people. Of course, the younger and more experienced users can deal with this situation by limiting the introduction of grannies with devices with huge buttons and minimum functions. But this is not the best way out. After all, scientists have proven that the computer games have very positive effect on the psychological and physical condition of the elderly. So, introducing your grandparents with the computer, you really care about their health. Here are seven simple tips that will help you to teach your elders to deal with high technology.

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7. Show them medical portals

Older people are often very concerned about their health. If so, tell them that there is a source of medical information, far more informative than the various “people’s calendars” or newspaper with the “miracle” recipes from readers. If your grandmother is interested in this reading matter, she probably also is interested in numerous health portals on the Internet, where you can not only read, but also to communicate with other users.

6. Consider their interests

Every a person regardless of age has some interests. For example, if your grandfather read out the classic science fiction, it might well be interested in similar games on the sci-fi theme. Does grandma like to grow something in the garden? “Farm Frenzy” will not give her bored in the evenings. Finally, on the Internet, each one can find a lot of melodramatic serials that you can look not for one episode of a day.

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5. Do not complicate

Note that many operating systems, in fact, may seem complicated to people who previously had no contact with modern technology. The same Windows on the PC is not as friendly for beginners, as it may seem for advanced users. Therefore, if you are setting up a new account for a person of older age, limit his rights so that the user does not accidentally deleted something important.

Introduction to modern mobile devices is better to start with the tablet, and not from your smartphone. Functionality of these devices is identical, but the tablet screen is simply bigger.

4. Find them the computer courses

Today in Nigeria you can find a lot of computer courses aimed specifically at older people. Just ask the corresponding question into Jiji, and you will surely find a suitable option in your city. So if your grandmother or grandfather had not yet lost their thirst for new knowledge, help them enroll in a training course.

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3. Play on their sense of nostalgia

According to statistics, a sense of nostalgia often encourages older people to develop skills in new technologies. On the Internet they can find a lot of old photos, to try to establish contact with their lost friends or acquaintances. Often older people are beginning to learn the modern technology after meeting with social aspect.

2. Show them new social opportunities

Many older people, especially grandmothers, love to spend hours chatting on the phone with friends or relatives. Imagine what joy get your grannies, if they can not only hear but also see companion. Show your grandmother how to operate video calls, and do not forget to periodically thereafter to meet the challenges.

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1. Do not forget to warn them about the dangers of the Internet

Elderly people often become victims. Without exaggeration, they are able to peck at such primitive tricks, which would have led them not even a child. To avoid this, you will have to warn your grandparents about the possible dangers of the web. The main thing – do not overdo it and do not repel their desire to use the Internet at all.

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