How To Apply For COVID-19 Vaccination In Nigeria

In the grim reality of the coronavirus pandemic that has been happening all over the world since early 2020, the COVID-19 vaccine has been a real beacon of hope. Now that Nigeria is rolling out its vaccination program and President Buhari urged his fellow Nigerians to follow his suit after getting his first shot of the vaccine, here is how you can also register to get vaccinated.

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1. Who can get vaccinated and how does it work?

The registration for the COVID-19 vaccination is open to everyone over 18 years old. The easiest way to register for the vaccine is self-registration, but it’s not the only option available. If you work in a sector where vaccination is a priority – for example, healthcare – your employee may sign you up for the program. Additionally, there is going to be an assisted registration program, where employees will sign people up for the vaccine, and house-to-house electronic registration, where people will go from home to home, signing up potential vaccine recipients who cannot register themselves.

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2. What vaccine is available and how many doses are there?

Nigeria has recently received its first part of the COVID-19 vaccine according to the COVAX problem. The only vaccine available in the country today is the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine. 3.92 million doses were delivered earlier this year, and 84 more doses are expected to be delivered in the following months. Two doses of the vaccine per individual are the recommended amount for creating immunity against the coronavirus. So it’s clear that the number of vaccines available in Nigeria will not cover the needs of all 200 million people living in the country, but it’s a good place to start.

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3. How to register for the COVID-19 vaccination program?

To help Nigerians get their COVID-19 shots on time, the Nigerian Primary Healthcare Development Agency designed a registration website. It’s open to everyone and the Agency urges Nigerians to fill out the form to make the rollout of the vaccination program faster and more effective. To register for the program, go to this link and complete the form.

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Among other things, the registration form will ask you for your state and address of residence, pre-existing medical conditions and allergies, and whether you work in the health sector. You will also need to provide your genuine phone number and email address (optional), so that when the vaccine becomes available in your region, you could be promptly notified by the healthcare providers. On the same page, you can also find phone numbers that you can call if you have any additional questions about the vaccine and its availability.

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