Get The Most With Windows 10 Security Features

The introduction of Windows 10 was a welcome upgrade for people who thought Windows 8 was far from perfect. Microsoft unveiled numerous helpful features with Windows 10, and security, which is one of the biggest concerns for today’s computer users, has been a major talking point of the discussions surrounding the latest OS. Find out how Windows 10 protects your digital world and how you can ensure maximum security for your computer.

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Windows Defender

The Windows Defender suite is not a brand new invention – it has been available since Windows XP and was included into Windows 8. However, Windows 10 is where Windows Defender first got an essential role in protecting the device. Essentially, Windows Defender is a built-in anti-virus solution with lots of standard features, including quarantining suspicious files, real-time protection, modifiable exclusions, and offline scanning of the system. Windows Defender has been demonstrating its efficiency for years, but you can still use your favourite anti-virus software instead, just keep in mind that once you install a third-party anti-virus, the Defender will be automatically disabled.


Find My Device

This feature was originally designed for the Windows Phone, which hasn’t gotten as popular as Microsoft expected. Nevertheless, Windows 10 incorporates many of the features aimed at Windows Phone users, and Find My Device is the most noteworthy out of them. You can use this service to track the location of your device in case it gets lost or stolen. Like Find My iPhone, Find My Device delivers accurate results regarding the whereabouts of your lost gadgets. You can retrieve the information using your Microsoft account. The Find My Device feature can be turned on in Settings > Update & security > Find My Device, where you’ll be asked to follow the setup instructions.


Windows Update

One of the most crucial things you can do to ensure the protection of your computer is to regularly update the device. We recommend receiving updates automatically, which will give you a chance to take advantage of the newest security features shortly after they are released. There is no other way to keep your operating system up-to-date, functional, and secure without regular software updates. Both minor and major system updates will not only introduce new functionality to Windows 10, but they’ll also fix various issues that happen inevitably to any computer.


Windows Hello

In the previous version of Windows OS, password-protected sign in was optional, which means you could have disabled this feature and turn on your computer without having to enter the password. Starting from Windows 10, you can no longer sign in without a security check. You can choose between a traditional password, a PIN code, and a picture password. If you’re the only one using your computer, you can opt for a PIN-protected sign in, as you’ll only need to enter four digits to enter the system. Additionally, you can log in via the fingerprint, face, or iris scanner, in case your computer supports this functionality.


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