How To Make Your Device Chargers Last Longer

We’re so used to caring about the battery life of our mobile phones and tablets that we often forget about the importance of the essential components of device use – the various charging devices. Chargers tend to break down at the worst possible moment, and unless you have a spare charger in your drawer, you risk not being able to charge your device until you get a new charger. Find out how to take proper care of your device chargers to make them last longer.

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Get a surge protector

One of the most harmful things that can happen to any charger is a sudden electrical surge, which are, unfortunately, very common in Nigeria. Power surges can potentially ruin even large devices with sophisticated electronic components like laptops and TVs, not to mention the tiny sensitive ones like chargers. If you still haven’t purchased a surge protector, especially if the electric circuits in your building leave much to be desired, do it today and don’t risk losing your home gadgets and chargers to the next major power surge.


Avoid extreme temperatures

We all know about the damage our mobile phones and other gadgets sustain from hot weather, but what about the chargers? Turns out they are subjected to the harm from extreme temperatures as most electronic devices. This damage can be easily avoided: make sure to never leave the chargers in the open heat, including your home – if it’s too hot inside, place the charger in a cool place. Don’t forget about your car: when the weather is too hot, don’t leave the charger plugged in for too long.


Never grab the charger by the cord

Most device owners are guilty of one thing: they often unplug their chargers by grabbing the cord and pulling it away. For a while this behaviour may not do any real damage, but when the charger suddenly breaks down and you can see wires sticking out of it, you can rest assured that you’re the one who damaged your charger. The key here is to always grab the charger by the head – it doesn’t take any longer than unplugging by the cord, but it can save you a fortune on buying a new charger every couple of months.


Always put the charger away

How often have you seen a dozen of chargers and cords lying chaotically on the table or even on the floor? Maybe it’s happening at your home too! However, this approach to chargers is dangerous for two reasons. First, you risk tearing down the cord or breaking the charger down in case someone steps on it or accidentally pulls on the cord too hard. Second, you and your household members risk tripping over the cords on the floor, which can result in injuries, health damage, and additional expenses. The best strategy is to keep all chargers in a special drawer, taking them out whenever needed, and never leaving them lying on the floor.


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