Powerful & Touching Speech Of Michelle Obama

1Michelle Obama’s speech given on Thursday night in New Hampshire will stick in the history and might be one of the key reasons for Hillary Clinton to get elected as the next president of the USA.

It is not a surprise that Obama’s family supports the Democratic side of the 2016 elections and its candidate, Hillary Clinton. Moreover, the first lady, Michelle Obama, has already openly talked about it to the crowds. With her every appearance on the stage, when she plays the role of Clinton’s supporter, she seems like hating and despising the Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

This time, she has given a heart-touching speech about sexually harassing women. Moreover, she has strongly highlighted that at his latest debates with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump was bragging about having kissed and groped women before. It made her literally mad that such a power individual was speaking about sexual assaulting in such a free and open way, not having any shade of shame for his previous actions.

For that matter, watch a 28-minute video of Michelle Obama’s speech and leave the comments expressing your opinion about it.

First Lady Michelle Obama live in Manchester, New Hampshire | Hillary Clinton

First Lady Michelle Obama is live in New Hampshire talking about what’s at stake in this election. Make sure you’re ready: IWillVote.com