Meet MacBook Pro With Touch Bar!

The main distinguishing feature of these laptops is the touchscreen on the keyboard instead of the top row of keys. It enables to control the system or various applications with touch buttons. In addition, MacBook Pro introduced Touch ID identification system with help of a fingerprint.


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Apple’s new child will come with a screen diagonal of 13 and 15 inches in two color options – light and dark gray.

Compared to the previous generation, the thickness of the 13-inch model has decreased from 18 mm to 14.5 mm and its weight is now 3 lbs (about 1.36 kg). 15-inch version now has a thickness of 15.5 mm and a weight of 4 lbs (about 1.8 kg).

However, there are even more innovations besides these!


Apple MacBook Pro released in 2016 features Force Touch trackpad increased by 2 times and a keyboard based on the second-generation Butterfly switches.

The new display has become 67% brighter and provides a 67% higher contrast image and displays 25% more color shades. The acoustics in the new Pro is simply out of this world! The built-in speakers are even cooler. Moreover, the new version features faster SSD while consuming less energy than before.


MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: characteristics

Perhaps the most significant innovation of the Pro 2016 is its multi-touch OLED display called Touch Bar that is located on the panel above the keyboard. It is able to perform the tasks previously reserved for the function keys (to adjust the brightness or volume).

In addition, Touch Bar can copy the function keys of different applications, allows you to switch between tabs in the browser, navigate through the photos on the full screen viewing mode, perform quick photo editing, suggest clues for words as you type, control the playback, and so on.


Application developers will be able to incorporate Touch Bar support into their software, which will further enhance the functionality of this sub-display. In addition to this, you can customize the controls that appear on the Touch Bar.

The Apple list now includes 15 applications, among which are such programs as Final Cut Pro, Motion, 1Password, Mail Designer Pro 3, PocketCAS and other programs.

The users of certain professional programs (photo and video editors in particular) have already appreciated the advantages of MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar.

Moreover, Touch Bar has a separate button to call up Siri. On the right side there is a fingerprint Touch ID scanner run with help of Apple T1 chip. With the help of this scanner you can authorize into the OS, switch between user accounts and authorize payments in the Internet.



The price for 13-inch model with a Touch Bar starts at $ 1,799 while the 15-inch model (MacBook Pro with Touch Bar model) will cost you from $ 2399.


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