Tips For Safe Online Shopping

Many people claim online shopping to be unsafe and try to stay away from it, ignoring all the benefits it brings – no need to stay in lines, to overpay for service provided in retail stores, possibility to do shopping without leaving your computer screen and wasting time to get to the shopping mall. But if you know and follow the tips we have prepared for you, online shopping will become the safest thing you can be busy with. You can even make some extra cash if you use a…

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#Use familiar websites


We bet you heard about Amazon that sells literally everything under the sun. And you might already have heard of Jiji – the biggest online classifieds for the sellers and buyers from all over Nigeria. It is a trusted shopping site available from desktop computers, as well as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Use the web-sites of such kind, not those offered by the search engines.

#No personal or financial info


No trusted reputable websites require any information about your birthday or social security number. Besides, try to avoid the web-sites requiring to buy online right away using your credit card information. It is better to choose the sites with the sellers you can contact directly and negotiate that you pay in cash to the courier when he brings the product to your home.

#Use mobile apps


In the nearest future more and more people will switch to shopping via their mobile devices. That’s why developers concentrate more on adapting their mobile applications to the customers. The thing is that you have to use official apps only with user-friendly interface and protection from the scams. For this, visit Google Play Store and download Jiji App there. Besides, having installed the app on your phone you get a chance to stay always in touch with the sellers and buyers. As Jiji App works in non-stop regime even when there is no Internet connection, so you are available even underground.

#Make some cash


Why not consider an option of not only spending but earning money? If you shop regularly, you must have lots of used stuff at home that you don’t need anymore and that just takes space. To solve this issue, make photos of your old stuff and post ads on Jiji. Provide your potential buyers with contact information and get your first calls within counted hours!

Use Jiji App to stay always on trend!