Ruzu Bitters For Your Total Body Well-Being!

Ruzu bitters is not just a food supplement like many others. This is an entirely natural product made by Ruzu Natural Health Products Services that will do wonders for your body.

Moreover, you will not have to wait forever to be able to notice the result as the effect can be seen as soon as in just 24 hours!!

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What are Ruzu bitters?

Well, what is this product that has become one of the most popular talking points all over the world?

Ruzu Bitters is a specially-formulated herbal supplement, consisting of 3 main ingredients:

    • bitter apple;
    • squirrel groundnut;
  • bush banana.


How does it work?

How is it even possible that Ruzu Bitters can heal almost any disease? Well, it’s all about science. It is a well-known fact that all diseases are caused by so called Oxidative Stress. So Ruzu basically neutralizes free radicals thus preventing cellular damage.

This is the main reason it proves so effective in a great number of medical conditions.


Advantages of Ruzu:

  • the product has been proved effective against Diabetes;
  • if you are a man suffering from erectile dysfunction, Ruzu bitters will help you cope with this;
  • Ruzu bitters is a perfect anti-malaria and anti-typhiod remedy;
  • if you are a woman with excessive vaginal discharge problem, you could also try using Ruzu bitters to manage it;
  • Ruzu bitters can also help you to cope with menstrual disorders;
  • Ruzu bitters can help you normalize your blood pressure;
  • Ruzu bitters is effective against pain in the waist, back and joints;
  • Ruzu can be used as a cancer treatment in cases of a fibroid tumour. It works best when used together with Guifei Bao treatment kit that is used to extract the tumor cells;
  • use Ruzu bitters if you seem to be unable to conceive a baby;
  • it sounds almost fantastic but Ruzu bitters can help you deal with Gonorrhea, syphilis, pile and Staphylcoccus;
  • Ruzu bitters can help you manage obesity or stomach problems;
  • Ruzu bitters relieves your kidneys from toxins and boosts up the liver;
  • effective against Arthritis and Rheumatism;
  • improves digestion and enhances blood circulation;
  • normalizes cholesterol level;
  • fights against clots in the coronary arteries.


Are there any side effects?

It may seem too strong a laxative for some people, and sometimes while using it you will have to visit the toilet too often.

No other side effects have been observed or recorded so far.

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How to take Ruzu Bitters?

Adults should take 20ml-40ml of the remedy two times per day. The amount depends on what disease you’re trying to cure, your body weight or what your doctor recommends.

Children should take 1 teaspoonful once in three days unless other is specified by the doctor.

Counter-indications: pregnant women or individuals suffering from diarrhea should not take Ruzu Bitters.

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What is the best price for Ruzu Bitters?

Do you think that a wonder product like this could cost N100,000, N50,000 or even N20,000?

You can buy Ruzu Herbal Bitters on Jiji today for only N3000!


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