Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian: Everything We Know About Them

Out of all couples who made the news in 2016, Chyna and Rob have become the most controversial one. Rob and Blac have been together for less than a year, and during these months they managed to have a baby, break up and get back together several times, and go through a tumultuous relationship with the Kardashian family. If you’ve haven’t been following the latest news on Blac Chyna as closely as we did, here is everything that happened.

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How did it all start?

The news of the new romance broke when Blac Chyna posted a photo of herself and an unidentified man on Instagram. Fans soon realized that the man in the photo was Rob Kardashian from the famous Kardashian clan. Rob fell out of spotlight for a couple of years due to weight gain, depression, and being tired of fame, which is why his new high-profile romance instantly attracted attention from the press and the fans.


Why is it controversial?

The romance between Rob and Blac could be just another love story if it wasn’t for the notorious connection between Chyna and the family. Blac Chyna has a baby from Tyga, a mildly successful rapper. Blac and Kim Kardashian used to be BFFs, but only until Tyga started dating Kim’s little sister Kylie, who was just 18 at the time. That is why the pairing of Rob and Chyna was unexpected, to say the least.


Another thing that made the public raise their eyebrows is how quickly everything happened. The relationship was announced in January 2016, and in February Blac Chyna boasted a massive bling on her ring finger, sparking the rumors that the couple was engaged. Not long after the buzz wound down, Blac and Rob found another way to get everyone to talk about them: this time by announcing that they were expecting a child only a few months after getting together.

What happened next?

The next few months Rob and Chyna were a relatively low-key couple – there were news that Blac made peace with the Kardashian clan and is now considered to be part of the family. Rob was reported to get healthier and lose weight, all thanks to Chyna’s influence. The extended Kardashian-Chyna family enjoyed a couple of holidays together. Throughout this time there was some trouble in paradise, but after the couple welcomed their baby girl, Dream Renee, in mid-November, everything seemed to get back on track.


However, after Blac Chyna’s Instagram account was hacked and her private messages were exposed online, the couple went through another breakup that resulted in Blac taking her kids and possessions out of their house. Fans didn’t want to believe the relationship was over, and there is indeed still hope: Chyna’s mother stated on her Instagram that she was trying to help the couple get back together. Hopefully we can expect news from the happy couple very soon!