Top 7 Myths In Fitness

So, your New Year’s resolution is to go in for sports? Be careful about these popular fitness myths, that not only won’t help you in your aspirations, but may even harm you. Stay healthy with Jiji!

Jogging is the best way to lose some weight


A lot of people commit to jogging as their primary method of workout, and a lot of them are often stay disappointed about the result of their training and get discouraged. In a reality, cardio (aerobic) exercises should be combined with strength (anaerobic) exercises for a better fat-burning and muscle-growing effect.

Women that work out are bulk and unattractive


Usually, it’s pretty difficult for a woman to get a lot of muscle mass. If a girl regularly works out, even with free weights, most likely she will just have her body in tonus. Women with huge amount of muscles and masculine forms usually have either some hormone disorder or they artificially add testosterone to their diet.

No pain – no gain


One of the most popular myths suggests, that if you don’t feel pain while exercising, you are doing it wrong and you should do more. In reality, some kind of discomfort is normal for a first few times you work out, while your organism adapts to the burden you give it. But if you are constantly feeling pain – that’s not good. Pain is a signal from your organism, that something is wrong, so don’t ignore it, try changing the way you exercise.

Morning exercises are more effective, than the evening ones

That’s simply not true – there is no correlation between the time of the day and the effectiveness of the workout. So, get yourself some equipment at home and exercise whenever you have some free time – soon you will see the results!


Specific exercises help to burn fat from specific places


Unfortunately, that’s a myth too. If you’ll do crunches all the time, your tummy won’t go away. I fact, there is no way to locally burn fat, your organism choses for you, what part of the stock it wants to use.

It is mandatory to eat protein bars and cocktails if you want to grow muscles


While protein is an important building material for your muscles, it is not enough for them to grow. You should have proper balanced diet, with a lot of proteins and carbohydrates (they are a source of energy you’ll definitely need for workout).

If you are on a diet, you don’t have to exercise

Without doubt, it is possible to lose some weight with only a diet, by lowering the total amount of calories you consume every day. But you should remember, that if you won’t work out, you will lose not only your fat, but your muscles too. If you want to stay fit and healthy, it is really important to combine a balanced diet with some proper physical activity.