Starting A Home Based Nail Salon

Sometimes when women decide to start up their own business, they are often faced with the challenge of choosing what to do. However, there are a number of opportunities available mainly for ladies.

These options are simple to implement and they can provide you with a good income. One of them is opening your own salon that offers manicure service. The salon will bring your decent revenues along with fun and creative self-realization. And you can organize it right in the comfort of your own home!

Nevertheless, make sure to remember: opening a nail salon checklist should include a number of important issues that we are going to discuss in this post.

Check them out and get ready to make your money!


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Business Benefits:

  • popularity among both men and women;
  • an opportunity to develop creativity;
  • the availability and simplicity of implementation;
  • profitability.


Necessary furniture

  • a working table for manicure;
  • two chairs to do manicure – for you and the client;
  • a chair and a coffee table for guests waiting for their turn;
  • cabinets or shelves for storing nail polishes, washing liquids, lamps and other equipment.



  • manicure set;
  • sterilizer;
  • UV lamp for fast drying of shellac coating;
  • fraser;
  • special brushes for drawing on nails and for a French manicure;
  • acrylic, gel coatings, ordinary polishes of different colors, base coatings, cuticle softening oils, nail polish and shellac remover and other cosmetic means;
  • nail tips, false nails, nail stickers, etc;
  • manicure bowls.


It’s best to purchase consumables at wholesale prices.

Home nail salon requirements imply buying high-quality polishes, so do not try to save on their cost! A nail polish for half a dollar from the market will peel off in a day, and your reputation in the eyes of clients will go down.


How to attract customers?

  • offer your services to your friends – if they like them they will tell everybody about you;
  • create your own landing page with photos;
  • publish samples of your work on paid or free thematic portals;
  • create your own page in Social Media like Instagram and Facebook and publish your photos there. You could also organize promotions or offer various discounts;
  • specialized forums are places your target audience visits very often. Chat there and make new friends, tell them about your services;
  • exchange clients: ask hairdressers, beauticians, hair removal wizards that your potential customers visit to advertise your services in exchange for recommending them to your clients;
  • free classified ads sites: a well-written ad is a win-win!


Important tip:

How to set up a nail salon at home and offer a high level of service immediately?

Start with working in a salon first! At the same time you can attend the high-level classes to master related services: that way you will be able to expand the range of your services and, accordingly, increase your income!

At the beginning of your salon work you could offer a variety of discounts and promotions of your services, for instance, “Manicure at a 50% discount for regular customers”!


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