Top 5 Free Music Streaming Services

The development of modern technology has changed the way we do most things in our everyday lives. Nowadays we use various devices for all kinds of everyday tasks, from shopping to reading. obviously, the way we discover and listened to music has changed as well. Just 10 or 15 years ago you had to buy CDs or borrow them from your friends in order to listen to a new record, whereas now all you need is your computer or mobile device and one of these 5 free music streaming services.

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With over 35 million songs, this streaming service is one of the best ones available today. Deezer has been in the music streaming industry for a decade and now boasts over 16 million active users. Deezer provides its services absolutely for free, although you will be subjected to occasional ads. The only downside of using Deezer is that while the desktop and tablet versions offer full functionality, the mobile version is rather limited, as there is no on-demand streaming there.


As one of the oldest music streaming websites in the business, has almost 60 million of users worldwide. It has a number of advantages over other services. First, it has thousands of radio stations tailored to your music taste. Second, it can collect your listening data from other music players to systematize your music taste and offer you music that fits your preferences. Plus, its genre radio stations are a great way to discover new tracks.



While SoundCloud may not be the ideal solution if you want to listen to world’s most popular tracks, artists, and albums, there is no better way to learn about indie artists and musicians who are on their way to international popularity. The number of tracks uploaded to the service is truly mind-blowing, mainly thanks to how easy it is to use both for listeners and artists. If you’re in a mood for some brand new music, try SoundCloud.


8 Tracks

If you want to turn listening to music into a more social experience, then 8 Tracks is the service you need to try. It creates the perfect blend of social media and Internet radio. There you get an opportunity to create playlists containing 8 tracks or more and share them with the community of music lovers. With the ability to discuss and exchange playlists, you can find like-minded people from around the world.



When it comes to internet radio services, AccuRadio takes the first spot. It has hundreds of radio stations that can be easily personalized according to your taste. You can tune the stations even further by adding genres and music decades, liking your favorite tracks, and banning the artists you don’t want to hear. AccuRadio has another major advantage, which is unlimited skips – a rarity for free streaming services.


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