7 Top High Paid Jobs In Nigeria

If you want to make much money, you don’t necessarily have to work hard day and night collecting coin to coin. There are many jobs that are pretty high-paid ones, but they require some professional skills. Let’s find out what are the best paying jobs in Nigeria and what skills you have to acquire.

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#1 – Healthcare


Doctors, surgeons, nurses – all of the medical personnel has always been and will be in high demand not only in Nigeria, but worldwide. Surgeons are considered the highest-paid doctors in the world. To become a good doctor, you must know human biology well, so you can enter a University and be assigned for an internship, which also means dealing with a human body – so you should be not afraid of blood and cutting human flesh.

Average monthly remuneration: ?150,000

#2 – Law


One of the most lucrative professions in Nigeria regards to the legal sphere. Many parents want their children to go study law as they know that this is one of the most stable professions. A good lawyer will always be in high demand – whether it’d be a legal manager at the enterprise or a legal advisor working for the agency and providing private services to big companies.

Average monthly remuneration: ?200,000

#3 – Air transportation


It’s not a joke that avia personnel is in high demand in Nigeria. Along with a quite attractive salary, you get lots of privileges like free meals and free tickets to different destinations. So if you are fond of traveling, go for it!

Average monthly remuneration: ?200,000

#4 – Teaching


A teacher is one of the oldest professions in the world and it proves to be in demand for as long. Besides, it is a well-paid profession especially if you promote for a lecturer position at the University. One of the biggest advantages of being a teacher is that you don’t have to spend the entire 9-to-6 day working as all other people do, so for the rest of your free day you can enjoy self-education, doing hobbies or meeting interesting people.

Average monthly remuneration: ?180,000

#5 – Engineering


It’s no surprise that a good engineer will be always wanted in any part of the world. You may both work for the company as a full-time engineer, or if you have advanced in this sphere, you may take your own projects working for different companies and making big money on it.

Average monthly remuneration: ?250,000

#6 – IT


Information Technologies is one of the top best paying job spheres. Developers, web designers, SEO and SMM specialists, e-marketers, copywriters – you can choose to be anyone. What is more important is that nowadays it is not necessary to have the corresponding diploma, as the main part of the educational material is available on the Internet.

Average monthly remuneration: ?250,000

#7 – Consultancy


Why not make money on simply providing advice? Big companies have always been interested in smart trained individuals who can boost their efficiency, helping bring more profit. Consultants analyze company’s business activity, detect its bottlenecks and provide with a plan of improvements. Such services, as a rule, cost much so you can afford to live a really luxury life.

Average monthly remuneration: ?300,000

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