New Mercedes S-Class 2018

As one of the most iconic auto brands in the world, every year Mercedes has millions of fans glued to their computer screen and waiting for updates from Mercedes. The bestselling S-Class model is one of the new Mercedes cars that gets an upgrade this year.

New Mercedes S-Class 2018 received major tweaks both in its design and performance. Find out what changed, as well as 2018 Mercedes S-Class release date.

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1. Mercedes S-Class 2018 specs

Although the new Mercedes S-Class isn’t going to be officially released until April 19th at the Shanghai Auto event, there is already plenty of information on the changes to the beloved model. Here is what we know so far.

  • There will be three engines available at choice: an inline-six diesel and gasoline engine, as well as a brand new biturbo 4.0-liter V8 gasoline motor, which promises even better performance.
  • The biggest exterior changes include the new grille, ultra-range LED lights, revamped bumpers, and new options for exhaust design with different trims and finishes.
  • Two major changes happened to the cabin of the new Mercedes: first, there is a completely new steering wheel that was designed by Maybach. Second, the digital screens have been merged into one wide display for better view.
  • The S-Class will borrow an important upgrade from the E-Class – the remote-controlled parking technology will allow the driver to effortlessly park even in the tightest parking spaces.

2. Mercedes S-Class 2018 review

Since the 2018 upgrade to the Mercedes S-Class is more of a facelift than a complete redesign, the changes to the previous model are not as visible as they would be with a full upgrade. Nevertheless, the changes are noticeable both on the inside and the outside.

The most important change, however, happened to the driver assist system. The driver assist in Mercedes has always been on the avant-garde of the automotive industry, but this year Mercedes has taken this technology to a new level. Now the driver assist is closer than ever to making the S-Class a self-driving car.

It’s no secret that autonomous cars are the future of the auto world, and now Mercedes is making this technology even more accessible. The head of Mercedes automated driving department has said that starting from this autumn, when the 2018 S-Class will become available to the public, the self-driving capabilities will be better and more complete than anything the automotive industry has had to offer.

3. Mercedes S-Class 2018 price

While we’ll have to wait for the official confirmation of the pricing on the upgraded model, it’s safe to say that we’ll see a price increase compared to the current S-Class sold in the market. The basic version of the Mercedes S-Class currently retails for $90,000, while the most advanced S-Class in the lineup is sold for as much as $250,000.

Surely, the new car will be far from affordable, but, given the introduction of numerous exciting features and cutting-edge technology, the price is definitely justified.

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