How To Make Ankara Earrings – Make Beautiful Accessories Easily

Accessories are a very important part of every outfit. They might be small details, added to the main clothing items, but such details are often something that greatly compliments your whole style or stands out in your look.

That’s why it is important to have accessories, that match your every outfit. Ankara accessories are very popular because there are not a lot of other accessories, that can add something to an already bright and beautiful Ankara clothing.

That’s why we’re bringing you a few ways of how to make Ankara earrings – one of the most beautiful accessories there to make ankara earrings

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1. Ankara button earrings

Handmade accessories always have a lot of different variations to them, as every person adds something new to the old recipe. This is only one of the ways of how to make Ankara button earrings:

  • Get a couple of old buttons, the bigger the better. If you don’t have any, you can take beads or any round objects really.
  • Cut a piece of Ankara fabric large enough to wrap around your button. Don’t be afraid to cut a piece, bigger than needed, you will always be able to cut the excess fabric.
  • Apply a fabric glue onto the fabric. Most other glues will work too, but special glue is made for special purposes, that’s why it would be better to use it.
  • Wrap the button with the fabric and wait for a glue to dry off. In the end would be the perfect time to cut the excess fabric. You can sew the end of the fabric to extend the lifetime of your homemade jewelry.
  • Glue the base to your earrings – special pins, that you will put in your ears. Consider it done – now you know how to make earrings.Ankara button earrings

2. Makeover of old earrings

If you have an old pair of earrings, that look worn out, you can actually turn them into beautiful Ankara earrings. Here’s how to make Ankara earrings and make your old earrings useful again:

  • Prepare your old earrings – thoroughly clean them for the glue later not be applied onto a dirt on the surface
  • Cut out a relatively thin, approximately 15 cm long (depending on the size of your earrings, it could be more and less) piece of Ankara fabric
  • Wrap the fabric around the earring to check if you need to have longer or shorter piece of fabric
  • Apply glue to the fabric (not too much, put some more of it on the ends and a bit less on the whole length)
  • Wrap the fabric around the earring and leave it for the glue to dry. Your new reborn earrings are ready! Check out these pictures of Ankara earrings to get to know what to expect out of your craftingMakeover of old earrings

This way you can turn almost any old accessories into the new and fun ones. Use your imagination and be stylish!

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