Ankara And Lace Designs 2017 – A Perfect Mix For A Perfect Style

Ankara is probably the most popular style that is dominating the Nigerian fashion right now. It’s isn’t surprising, as it is full of colors and patterns, which usually makes outfits eye-catching and unforgettable.

But there are ways to make it even more original and beautiful, one of which is to mix Ankara and lace designs. Lace is a very elegant, classic material, that will make your outfit more intriguing and charming.

That’s why Ankara and lace style combination 2017 will definitely be popular. Here are a few examples of this original styles mash-up.

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Ankara mixed with lace styles can slightly differ one from another, but one thing is for certain – it looks fabulous and you should definitely try it. These are the variations, from which you can choose the style of clothing, that will suit you:

1. Ankara skirt with lace blouse

This is probably the most common way to divide different styles in one outfit – put one on top and another one on the bottom.

This division is also the most organic, and it definitely makes sense to wear the lace blouse and Ankara skirt and not the other way around. Lace skirt would be too revealing, while Ankara one creates a colorful whirlwind.

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Ankara skirt with lace blouse ankara and lace combination styles 2017 ankara and lace designs ankara mixed with lace styles

2. Ankara dress with lace elements

Lace elements add beautiful monochromic patterns to already great ankara gown with lace. Lace is usually used to make collars, sleeve ends, the bottom of the skirts etc. Ankara and dry lace combination styles look especially great in this situation, as these lace patterns attract much more attention.Ankara dress with lace elements ankara mixed with lace dresses ankara and dry lace combination styles

3. Lace dress with Ankara elements

Turns out, reversed to the previous style works great too, Ankara mixed with lace dresses look much more fun, than classic lace dresses. Ankara elements are usually situated at the bottom parts of the dress – they are either a part of the skirt or they underline a waist. Sometimes Ankara fabric is also used to decorate a décolleté too.Lace dress with Ankara elements

4. Lace dress on Ankara dress

As lace dresses are usually too revealing to wear on their own, they are usually worn atop of some other clothes. In this case, Ankara dresses are used to make a foundation for a style, and lace dresses create details and some edge to the outfit, which is usually even more important than the base itself.

5. Lace dress with Ankara ornaments

These styles cannot be directly called a combination of styles, more like a merge of them, but they still have traits of both styles. They combine the classical sense of lace styles and traditionally African ornaments of Ankara dresses. These dresses will look great on special occasions, especially on weddings.

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