The Best Shoes For Men – Brands With The Most Stylish And Comfy Products

Shoes are a very important part of every man’s outfit. It is relatively easy to determine one’s character and neatness only by looking at his shoes, which means that if you want to properly present yourself, your foot wear should match your outfit and be regularly cleaned.

There are a lot of different types of shoes for different outfits and types of activities. What’s more important, there are multiple men shoe designers and brands. This makes the task of finding the type of shoes you need really difficult. To make it easier for you, here is a men shoe brands list that will most likely not fail you.

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1. Nike

This is probably one of the most iconic shoe brands out there. Nikes are mostly not made for the elegant and classy costumes, but they have dominated the market for casual shoes for everyday use. Over the years, they’ve set high standards and they’ve created fashion with their innovative and unforgettable designs for probably the best shoes for men. Moreover, most of them are really comfy – you should definitely try them on!

2. Timberland

The latest shoes for men from this brand is often considered a footwear for lumberjacks and hipsters, but you shouldn’t overlook it. Timberland shoes are made specifically for outdoor activities, they are really durable and will serve you for a long time. They also look great with casual outfits, like jeans and flannels.

3. Johnston and Murphy

This America-based brand’s specialty is the best shoes for men with class. These shoes are known not only for their elegant look but also for their longevity. Of course, with proper care, almost any pair of shoes can serve you for years, but this brand makes their product incredibly durable. So, if you want to make a long-term investment into your look, Johnston and Murphy are your best bet!

4. Gucci

Italian craftsmen are known for their clothes and shoes, and not the least due to efforts of Gucci. This almost 100-years-old brand has made its name with great products, made out of leather, they’ve perfected this craft. Although such a fame made their products really expensive, if you have enough money and determination you should definitely try getting a pair of their shoes.

5. Bruno Magli

Another Italian company in this list, Bruno Magli is another one of the luxury brands. It is obvious that every pair of shoes, made on factories of this brand, is made with dedication. You can really tell from only the look of it that this footwear is made to serve you for years to come. For years this company has held on to their classical design, and it looks really well with any formal attire.

6. Salvatore Ferragamo

The third Italian brand mentioned here is one of the most selling ones in the world. Of course, it doesn’t strictly mean that it is the best men shoes brand, but it definitely points to such a conclusion. What’s even more impressive is that this brand is one of the most popular in Hollywood, so next time you’ll see your favorite actor on the red carpet, take a closer look at his feet – maybe, you’ll see a familiar shoe model.

7. Converse

Let’s get back to the shoes for a casual attire. Converse shoes are the other great choice you can make if you want to look and feel equally great. There are a lot of variations to these shoes, but you will never forget the classic Chuck Taylor’s Converse shoes – they were and will always be a revolutionary product that really deserves your attention.

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