The Significance Of Caps In Nigerian Men’s Traditional Attire

Men’s native attire in Nigeria is one of the key divisions of fashion and every aspect of a traditional man’s outfit has cultural and historical significance. You can often see Nigerian men wearing caps with their traditional outfits, but what do they mean and why are they so important? Find out right now!

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1. Niger Delta

The traditional hat of the people living in the Niger Delta, Rivers, and Bayelsa regions is visually very close to the hats people wear in the Western part of the world. For a special occasion such as a wedding or a birthday celebration, a Niger Delta man will choose a classic fedora hat, often with a ribbon, or a top hat in a colour that complements his outfit.

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2. Hausa

The traditional men’s cap in the Hausa culture is called fula. It is often worn on special occasions, but it is also commonly used in everyday wear. That is why fula hats come in every variety you can imagine. Men usually pick fula hats that complement their native wear, but you can also pick a statement cap. Fula hats can be made from all kinds of fabrics, including leather that will easily make you stand out.


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3. Igbo

Whenever you see an Igbo man dressed in a native outfit, chances are he’ll be wearing a red cap. The choice of a red cap is not random – it is reserved for high-ranking and powerful Igbo men who are confident in their authority and want the world to see it. There are three types of Igbo red caps used today: oval caps, beanies in black, white and red colours, and long red caps reserved for Igbo royalty.


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4. Cross River and Akwa Ibom

The native outfits of Cross River and Akwa Ibom men are some of the most intricate and handsome wears in traditional Nigerian fashion. Their outfits often feature sophisticated colours and a lot of beautiful embroidery. The traditional men’s caps in the region are also usually embroidered. Caps are made from the same material as the outfit itself to create a uniform look, so the cap is usually intended to be worn with just one outfit, making it even more special.


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5. Yoruba

In Yoruba culture, the traditional men’s cap is called fila. Fila can come in all kinds of shapes and colours, so it’s easy to pick just the right hat for any outfit. Fila caps are traditionally included in outfits for special occasions, but many men wear their caps on a daily basis. Fila can be made from different fabrics, but a popular way to do them is to use the same fabric as used in the main outfit.

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