8 Nigerian Designers To Be Featured In The London Cultural Pageant

One of the most significant annual events in Nigerian culture, the Queen Moremi Ajasoro Cultural Pageant, is about to take place in Lagos. 8 most prominent Nigerian designers have the honor to represent their country this year. Find out who those Nigerian fashion designers are and what event they are attending.

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1. What is the Queen Moremi Ajasoro Cultural Pageant?

The Queen Moremi Ajasoro (QMA) cultural event is an annual beauty pageant that takes place in Lagos. The pageant is scheduled to start in November, and this year it’s going to be even bigger, starting from the prizes for the winners. The main winner will get a brand new car, and the runners-up won’t go away empty-handed either because there is a ₦5 million cash prize to be divided among the participants.

2. Which fashion designers will participate?

This year there are eight Nigerian fashion designers 2017 representing their signature styles at the Queen Moremi Ajasoro pageant. Here they are:

  1. Mary Martin, one of the veteran Nigerian designers in London.
  2. Luvita Creations, a ready-to-wear brand from Cross River State.
  3. Blingshiki, a fashion brand known for their innovative approach to embroidery and other embellishments.
  4. Moshugah, the best new designer from 2017 African Fashion Week Nigeria.
  5. Becca Apparel, a London-based Nigerian fashion brand famous for their stunning native styles.
  6. Stitches, a Nigerian fashion house that masterfully combines the modern and the authentic in their designs.
  7. Godwin Green Couture, known for their impeccable men’s suits and bespoke ethnic wear for ladies.
  8. BgCouture, a brand that creates the epitome of traditional Nigerian fashion styles.

3. The QMA Pageant Queen

The objective of the Queen Moremi Ajasoro beauty pageant is not only to find the most beautiful girl in Nigeria but also to empower Nigerian ladies aged 18-25. The reigning Aueen, Animasahun Blessing, has spent the last year since her win traveling around Nigeria, visiting schools and disadvantaged families, talking to the youth and trying to give them a better start in life.

Let’s hope that the new QMA Queen continues the good deeds started by the previous winner and uses her newfound fame and success to promote compassion and kindness!

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