Dress Styles for Chief Bridesmaids

The chief bridesmaid is one of the most important people at the wedding besides the bride and the groom. The chief bridesmaid is not just a beautiful girl who happens to be a close friend or family member of the bride. She’s also responsible for various essential tasks. Still, looking good is a top priority for chief bridesmaids, and here are 10 chief bridesmaid dress style you should consider.

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1. Style #1

An unspoken rule of bridesmaid fashion is to not overshadow the bride, but there are plenty of ways for your outfit to stand out while still allowing the bride to shine, and this delicate pink colour and chic train are a great option.

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2. Style #2

When you’re in doubt over the colour of your bridesmaid gown, a good idea is to consider the colour scheme of the event. That way, you will seamlessly blend into the surroundings, while the detailing and cut of your dress will still help you stand out.


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3. Style #3

White is a colour that is normally reserved for brides and brides only, but no one said that about the combination of white with another colour. In this case, the pairing or white and gold looks simply exquisite and no one will mistake this lovely bridesmaid dress for a wedding gown.


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4. Style #4

Velvet isn’t a fabric you will often see at Nigerian weddings, but that’s only what makes it more unique. With the right colour and fit, your bridesmaid dress will look perfect for the occasion and will signify your status as a chief bridesmaid.


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5. Style #5

When you’re a chief bridesmaid, you want your outfit to be completely original and make it clear for everyone that you have a special position at the event. A sequined dress with an asymmetric, frilled neckline is perfect for the task!

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6. Style #6

Beige may not be the most exciting colour to wear to a wedding, but it has some obvious advantages: it’s flattering for any skin tone and gives you plenty of opportunities for decorating and accessorizing your chief bridesmaid gown.


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7. Style #7

The combination of black and white is a timeless classic. By going for a monochrome pairing, you will showcase your elegant fashion sense, easily fit into any style and colour of the wedding, and will be able to choose any accessories you like to complete your look.

8. Style #8

If you’re in the mood for some classic Nigerian wedding fashion when styling your bridesmaid look, here is an outfit that will meet your needs. This charming aso ebi dress with a matching gele is perfectly tailored, has a gorgeous colour, and is beautifully decorated with beads.

9. Style #9

In case you don’t have the most daring fashion sense and want to keep your chief bridesmaid look understated while still keeping it tailored to the occasion, consider a combination of plain and sequined fabrics in a colour you feel comfortable wearing.


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10. Style #10

A good chief bridesmaid dress needs to be beautiful, elegant, tailored to your figure, and yet give you plenty of room for movement when you want to dance all night long. This gorgeous peplum dress meets all the criteria and is a foolproof choice for your big day.

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