Bakery Business Plan: How To Start Your Own Bakery

If you’re looking for small business ideas to start in Nigeria, you’d probably consider bakery business sooner or later. Bread may be the most popular food product around the world and in the domestic market, and the bakery business in Nigeria 2017 is blooming.

The bakery is also one of the cheapest business to start – if you’re looking for ideas on how to start a bakery business with no money, this guide may be exactly what you need. Check out our bakery business plan in Nigeria right now!

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1. Bakery business plan

Without a well-designed bread bakery business plan the whole enterprise will be doomed, and you risk eventually losing everything you’ve invested into the business. Of course, you can always google “bread bakery business plan pdf“, but you will get better results if you spend some time working on your own business plan for the bakery. Here is what your bread business plan should include:

  • A feasibility study on bakery business in Nigeria – a thorough research on the state of the baking business in your area.
  • Your company’s mission
  • Legal aspects of the business
  • The goods and services offered by your business
  • Business goals and steps for achieving them
  • Expected revenue
  • Marketing techniques and audience
  • A study on the competitors
  • Structure and personnel
  • The cost of starting a bakery in Nigeria
  • Break-even point and profitability analysis

2. How to start a bakery from home

Many baking beginners want to know how to start a bakery business from home, and the good news is that it’s not impossible. If you don’t have a large budget for starting a bakery business and don’t aim for a large market, you can begin baking at home.

To start, you will need a professional baking oven, as your home oven won’t be able to satisfy even the smallest demand for bread, as well as a dough mixing machine. You can check the bakery machine prices on Jiji to see what you can afford.

You’ll also need plenty of space to store your basic ingredients for bread making and your equipment. Keep in mind that when your business starts growing, you will still need a larger space other than your home kitchen.

3. How to start a bakery business in Nigeria

Are you wondering how to start a bread bakery business on a relatively large scale, surpassing the home bakery stage? Here is what you’ll need.

  1. Education. Even if you have the most thorough business plan ever, you’ll still require at least minimal education in the bakery business. You can either spend some time working in a professional bakery or do your research online.
  2. Money. How much does it cost to start a bakery in Nigeria? Well, the cost of starting a bakery in Nigeria largely depends on the scale of your business and your location. However, you can start a home bakery with a few thousand naira in your pocket!
  3. Factory. When your budget is ready, it’s time to look for a suitable location. Founding a business in a barn in the middle of nowhere may be cheaper, but choosing a busy location and a decent factory space will definitely pay off in the long run.
  4. Permits. Even the best bakery business ideas are worth nothing if you don’t obtain the necessary licenses and permits from NAFDAC and other authorities. Reach out to your local officials for a list of necessary permits.
  5. Equipment. The range of bakery equipment in Nigeria can be nearly endless, but at the very minimum, you’ll need a refrigerator, workstation, industrial oven, stationary mixing machines, scales, baking tins, personalized bread packaging, and a slicer.

You can start running a bread bakery on your own, but you will likely need employees very soon, which is why it’s best to start looking for candidates for your bakery staff before you begin the production.

All in all, it’s clear that a bakery is one of the most viable businesses right now in Nigeria, and if you’re on a search for a small business opportunity, you should definitely consider bread baking.

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