Beverly Naya Fashion Styles You Will Love!

Virtually everyone is fascinated by the natural beauty and impeccable style of this young Nollywood actress. Beverly Naya fashions led millions of stalkers on her social media page – all thanks to her fantastic outfits, extraordinary acting talent, and refined beauty.

Beverly is naturally gifted to combine colors, shapes, and patterns in order to look really stylish enhancing her pretty face and yummy curves.

Wanna see more outfits of this gorgeous diva? Take a look at these selected Beverly Naya styles to realize why everyone is so crazy about her!

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1. Beverly Naya pictures: 11 stunning looks of the style queen

  • Beverly Naya looks so cute in this pretty Asymmetrical shoulder dress:

  • This Jumpsuit looks really casual and effortless but incredibly stylish at the same time:

  • Beverly Naya rocks this simple black crop top with floral pencil skirt emphasizing her curves:

  • This relaxed look is spiced up by the super-cool Louboutins:

  • This Aqua dress looks amazing on Beverly:

  • Beverly deliberately chooses big hair and the bandage to radiate her natural sex appeal:

  • This custom-made fringe dress from Fablane By Derin looked fantabulous on the actress at the ceremony of Golden Movie Awards:

  • For a new photo shoot Beverly picked a tight-fitting purple velvet dress paired with some tasteful silver jewelry:

  • This Nuraniya Ambiguity piece looks simply breathtaking!

  • Beverly Naya rocked family style with her mum at the Intercontinental Hotel mother’s day brunch. Both women combined black, white and blue colors in their looks:

  • Beverly Naya Ankara styles:

2. Beverly Naya’s Wana Sambo photoshoot

This photo shoot shows Beverly Naya as a sophisticated and confident sexy woman. She once again proves that she is a great actress by showing the true appeal of the real WanaSamboWoman.

3. Beverly Naya AMVCA 2016 look

Beverly Naya rocked beautifully in her dark-green playful sheer lace dress that was perfectly complemented by the retro style double bun. Everybody agrees that it was an extraordinarily cute outfit.

4. Photoshoot devoted to the launch of Beverly Naya’s official website

5. Beverly Naya hairstyles: top 11 looks

Beverly Naya supports and popularizes the natural hair concept.

Here are some of her tips that help her to preserve the natural beauty of her hair:

  • Moisturize and twist the hair before going to bed to prevent shrinkage.
  • Deep condition the hair every three weeks. This way the hair is much softer and easier to handle.
  • Use Coconut Oil every night and then twist the hair before going to bed.
  • Use organic Shea Butter every three weeks.

Take a look at the results:

Beverly Naya reminds fans she’s not Rosie

‘Rosie is a fictional character…’ Beverly Naya reminds fans she’s not Rosie Connect with Nollywood Extra – 100% Nollywood:

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