Black Friday: Boost Your Sales To Maximum With Jiji!

Shopaholics all over the world look forward to Black Friday, which will fall on 24 November this year! It’s going to be a really big deal this time both for small and large retailers! On this day you have a unique chance to attract a large number of customers to your offers. Simply use Jiji – it’s free and effortless!

To help you get ready for a successful Black Friday 2017, we are going to tell you how it will be held on Jiji. We have also consulted some experts about this year’s Black Friday deals and they also gave us great shopping tips!

Hit the Black Friday jackpot with Jiji!

1. When is Black Friday 2017?

The online sales craze will take place on November 24 in 2017; it normally comes after Thanksgiving in the U.S. However, given the really high competition among retailers, a lot of shops start their generous offers well in advance!

2. Black Friday shopping: 2016 most wanted deals & 2017 predictions

The goods that were in the biggest demand in 2016 are iPhone 7, PS4, Xbox One, iPad, LG 4K TV, Google Home, and Asus gaming laptop. John Lewis, one of the largest technology retailer, sold one Sonos Play 1 smart speaker every 10 seconds.

Other great hits were Lego Simpsons and Marc Jacobs perfume. Home, in its turn, sold a huge amount of Sophie Conran crockery. Currys PC World sold a record number of TVs, laptops, Google Chromecasts, Samsung tablets and large kitchen appliances.

Argosand was successful in selling games consoles and wearable tech.

2017 sales predictions are:

  • iPhone 8 & iPhone X
  • Apple Watch 3
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy Note 8
  • PS4 Pro
  • Xbox One X
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Everything with Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant
  • 4K TVs
  • Cameras
  • Laptops
  • Headphones.

3. Black Friday on Jiji: a unique chance to raise your sales by 100% for absolutely free!

3.1. How does this work?

If you want to get a maximally possible number of buyers on Black Friday, sell on Jiji!

Before Black Friday, Jiji will create a special section devoted to products selling at the most attractive prices. If you get into this section, advertising will do its job and the maximum influx of buyers will your boost sales. BTW, this is completely free!

PAY ATTENTION: you should offer a discount from 5 to 90%.

Also, this section will incorporate those goods that started being sold at a reduced price over the last 7 days before the Black Friday. So in order to be included in this section, start lowering your prices as early as November, 18!


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3.2. Top 8 Jiji Black Friday 2017 tips for sellers

1. Carefully select the goods assortment

The most successful strategy is to offer a larger discount on a small range of goods. It’s more profitable than offering a small discount on a large range of goods.

2. Arrange your Black Friday delivery options

If you use the Post Office to deliver products to customers, make sure you can use discounted rates from various courier services, so in case your main delivery service is unable to provide a timely service, you can have a plan B.

3. Be reasonable while choosing your offers

Study social media and TV commercials to understand the preferences of different age groups to make educated, strategic sourcing decisions.

4. Think ahead about your inventory replenishment

When Black Friday comes to Jiji, it’s indispensable to have plenty of product pieces in stock. The leftovers can later be sold at a higher price!

5. Picking and packing orders

Smaller retailers may need extra help to pick and pack the orders, so you could ask your friends and relatives in advance or hire some seasonal workers!

6. Incorporate Your Marketing Channels

Integrate social, email, your app, and search platforms to get the maximum number of clients and remind your existing ones about what you’re selling!

7. Be ready to sell when November begins

Huge retailers like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Target start offering attractive discounts about a week before the actual Black Friday.

8. Once again – be ready to offer discounts starting from November, 18, on Jiji!

Some sellers still think that Best Buy Black Friday will give them the largest profit! We’ll compare the results after Black Friday starts on #1 Nigerian online-marketplace, Jiji!

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4. 17 advantages of online trading on Jiji:

  1. The largest and highest-ranked online-marketplace in Nigeria with more than 10 million visits (of your potential buyers) monthly!
  2. No special experience necessary: virtually anyone can start up a business on Jiji.
  3. Affordability: It’s totally free.
  4. Time-saving capability: gigantic start-up speed of your business.
  5. Simplicity: we have got rid of red tape!
  6. Doing business 24/7: your business will bring you profit without breaks for meals and sleep!
  7. Fantastic automation capabilities.
  8. Money-saving: you can save up on renting costs and staff salaries, etc.
  9. The absence of ads limits: publish as many ads as you need offering a wide assortment of goods.
  10. Premium options: use top and boosted ads for even larger client attraction – this is far more effective and less costly than usual advertising!
  11. Precise targeting: place your ads on ng on a daily – select any area you need.
  12. High profitability.
  13. Super-convenient communication and fast feedback: the option of fast contact with all the others users directly on the website!
  14. Simple but effective monitoring: free inbuilt sales analytics that can optimize the offer and pricing.
  15. Great support team: fast and quality help whenever you need it.
  16. Enhanced security: the most reliable site policy against scammers.
  17. Mobility: a specially developed application offering additional advantages and simplifying your online trading will really surprise you!

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