NHN Couture Latest Styles

NHN Couture is one of the best known Nigerian fashion brands. It was launched by Nkechi Harry Ngonadi, who turned her desire to create beautiful clothes for women into a whole philosophy. Today NHN styles are worn by Nigerian fashionistas and celebrities alike. Check out the NHN Couture latest styles you’ll definitely want to try!

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1. What is NHN fashion?

Nkechi Harry Ngonadi, the lady behind the iconic NHN couture styles, isn’t a novice in fashion. She’s been a fan of sophisticated dresses and bold designs for years before launching her own brand. That is why she knew that in order to succeed, her NHN designs should stand out.

How did Nkechi achieve that? Well, one of the secrets of NHN Couture 2017 success is the exclusivity. The brand only stocks enough fabric for making up to 3 dresses, which means that the chances of bumping into a lady wearing a dress similar to yours are simply non-existent when you’re wearing one of NHN designs.

The exclusive atmosphere surrounds not only the NHN Couture dresses but also the way to get them: the NHN Couture address isn’t widely advertised, so you can’t just run into the store – you have to make an appointment over the phone or email first.

2. Latest on NHN couture

The NHN collection is changing every year, and Nkechi Harry Ngonadi always comes up with something new to bring to her customers. NHN Couture 2016 was a big hit with Nigerian buyers, but what does the brand have in store for us this year?

1. Mauve blouse and skirt

The combination of a blouse and skirt is as common for NHN designs as the dresses. This delicate mauve-colored two-piece suit is beautifully decorated with intricate embroidery and beads.

2. Blue and white dress

There are many things to love about the next NHN Couture outfit: the expensive fabrics, the perfect fit for the dress, and the masterful use of color accents by adding coral beads to the look.

3. Teal chiffon dress

If you’re looking for a gown to wear to the next wedding or important social event you’re attending, check out this gorgeous teal-colored dress, made with several layers of elegant chiffon.

4. Blue lace jumpsuit

It’s true that most of the outfits designed by NHN Couture are beautiful dresses and skirts, but occasionally Nkechi surprises everyone by offering a highly unusual piece of clothing, like this perfectly fitting blue jumpsuit with a lace bodice.

5. Pink skirt + blouse

This delightful pink skirt is one of the fashion items that you can spend ages looking at and still be able to notice new charming details, and the lace blouse couldn’t be a better way to complete the look.

6. Magenta dress

It’s the dresses like this one that made NHN Couture one of the most popular fashion brands in Nigeria. This mesmerizing magenta gown has such a sophisticated design that it would be fit for the biggest world celebrity.

7. Gold brocade gown

In many cases, Nkechi goes for authentic Nigerian prints when designing her clothes, but sometimes she prefers high-end fabrics like this gold brocade, and the results couldn’t be more stunning.

8. Floral peplum dress

Floral patterns and peplum design are among the most beloved clothing trends of the past few years, and NHN Couture smartly combined the two for this timelessly charming dress.

9. Short black lace dress

We’re so used to seeing Nkechi Harry Ngonadi modeling her maxi gown designs that seeing a playful knee-length dress is a nice surprise. And just look at those adorable floral heels!

10. Snake print dress

Animal print is one of the major clothing trends of 2017, and Nkechi never misses an opportunity to incorporate new trendy features into her designs, which is exactly what she did with this spicy one-shoulder gown.

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