Bolanle Olukanni Fashion Styles You Will Love

Bolanle Olukanni is a famous TV host and media personality. One more reason for her incredible popularity with fans is her unique approach to style. Check out the best from Bolanle Olukanni fashion styles right now!

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1. Bolanle Olukanni lace style

Bolanle often rocks lace, both on its own and paired with other popular materials in Nigeria.

An all-white outfit is undoubtedly a bold fashion move, but Bolanle excels at risky outfit choices. This white lace top would look so good with so many bottoms!

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Bolanle Olukanni is often invited to weddings and other important events, and her Aso Ebi style never disappoints. This peach-coloured lace dress with green accessories is what high fashion truly is.

There are so many elegant details in Bolanle’s next look: the exquisite black lace, the sophisticated knee length, the red accent belt, and, of course, the most popular sandals of last year that every celebrity would love to own.

Recently our beloved TV host was invited to another wedding and it gave us one of the most stunning Bolanle Olukanni fashion styles 2017. This bubblegum pink lace Aso Ebi is a great choice for a wedding.

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2. Bolanle Olukanni Ankara style

Bolanle Olukanni is one of the biggest celebrity fans of Ankara in Nigeria – she never fails to surprise us with new gorgeous Ankara looks.

The off-shoulder trend was all over the Nigerian celebrity fashion last year, and Bolanle couldn’t keep from adding her own twist to the outfit by rocking a cropped top.

A casual jumpsuit made from Ankara fabric is just the right thing to wear on a hot summer day when you still want to make an effort when creating your look.

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This bodycon dress from green, white and yellow Ankara fabric was fabulous on its own, but Bolanle’s addition of an asymmetric contrasting peplum put the whole look on a new level of fashion.

Another example of Bolanle Olukanni upgrading basic dresses is this blue Ankara bodycon dress with a fringed belt. The fringe on the sandals adds even more flare to the already stylish look.

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Another great play on the casual Ankara look is this pairing of skinny trousers and loose off-shoulder top. The patterns here are not an exact match, but they are complementary enough to create a complete look.

3. Bolanle Olukanni casual style

Even when Bolanle is not attending some important social event, she knows exactly what to wear to leave her Instagram followers in awe.

A plain white dress wouldn’t be too exciting, but it’s the addition of iridescent glitter that makes this outfit much more fabulous. We also love the glitter heals that turn this dress into a perfect look for a night out.

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Pink and red are a colour combination that not too many fashionistas would dare to wear. Luckily, Bolanle Olukanni would never be intimidated by this pairing, which is exactly why this red peplum top and pink pencil skirt work so well together.

Like a true fashion icon, Bolanle knows that it’s important to look good even when you’re simply chilling outside. A maxi breezy dress in leopard print is a great choice for a chic yet relaxed summer look.

What can be more casual than playful denim shorts with a white top? Even with a basic combination like this, Bolanle manages to make the look more interesting thanks to her dreamy purple hair.

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We would like this sheath pastel pink dress on its own, but it’s the Afro comb pattern on the bottom of the dress that made us completely fall in love with this look.

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