Products You Should Get To Ease The Pain Of Fuel Scarcity

The fuel situation in Nigeria today is constantly one of the biggest headlines on the news. Thousands of officials, including President Buhari, are looking for the solution to the Nigeria fuel scarcity problem. In the meantime, here are 7 products that will help you survive this challenging time!

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1. Charging station

An average Nigerian has several gadgets that need to be regularly charged, which, of course, isn’t helping the fuel scarcity issue. Gadget chargers continue to drain energy even when they’re simply plugged in. A smart charging station will allow you to set schedules and charge your gadgets more efficiently.

2. Rechargeable fan

Even in the midst of the Nigeria fuel scarcity problem it’s important to keep cool. Unfortunately, regular fans can cost you thousands in electricity bills. The solution here is a rechargeable fan, which range from mini fans powered by USB to large fans that can effectively cool down the air in the whole room.

3. Smart blinds

Blinds are a wonderful home product that allows you to keep direct sunlight from getting into a room, but smart blinds can also help you save energy. By setting up a smart blinds kit you can make the blinds close automatically when the sun is getting too bright, keeping the room cool naturally.

4. Solar lamp

What better way to utilize the natural energy than to install solar lamps in your home? Solar lamps require virtually no work from you once they’re installed, and you can even find double-duty solar lamps – for example, the ones that can also charge your mobile phone while working.

5. Smart air conditioning

Nothing is more effective at cooling down a room or the whole house than an air conditioner, but those things are famously energy-hungry. Luckily, there is a way to cut your energy use from an air conditioner by 30% with the help of an AC controller!

A smart AC controller can be used with most air conditioners in the market today, which means you don’t have to replace them. The controller will study your user habits and automatically turn the AC off when there is no one home and on when someone arrives.

6. Solar cooker

Are you tired of spending thousands of naira on the electric stove or microwave oven to do everyday cooking? Let the sun do the cooking for you! A solar cooker will cook just about everything you need right in your yard without spending any of the valuable and expensive energy.

7. Electricity monitor

Want to know how much power exactly you use in one hour, day, or week? Buy and set up an electricity monitor and get all relevant data on one screen. Many electricity monitors can also work with smartphones, giving you the information in real time.

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