Wana Wana Udobang Fashion Styles You Will Love

Wana Udobang is known in Nigeria and the rest of the world as a journalist, radio and TV personality, poet, and filmmaker. However, you may also know Wana Wana, as her fans affectionately call her, for her outstanding fashion sense. Check out the best and the latest Wana Udobang fashion styles right now!

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1. Wana Udobang Ankara and lace styles

Wana Wana can be often seen rocking Ankara and lace outfits – she wears them for public appearances, weddings, and anywhere she wants.

The first blue lace dress worn by Wana is an example of how plus-size fashion should be done: it fits her like a glove and styled to perfection.

When Wana Udobang recently attended a wedding, she chose a show-stopping Ankara Aso Ebi in a fiery orange shade, which she accessorized with a matching gele and red heels.

Like many fashionistas of her stature, Wana Wana is a big fan of dramatic shades – for example, this Wana Udobang lace style in a smoky purple color fits her style perfectly, and the accessories couldn’t be better for this look.

Another one of the many purple dresses in the journalist’s collection is this charming Wana Udobang Ankara style with an especially flattering cut and fun pattern that is simply ideal for a daytime look.

Wana Wana is one of the women who can make even a basic white skirt and black shirt combination look exciting: for example, by adding lace accents and going for a delicate yet striking pattern.

2. Wana Udobang dress styles

Wana Wana clearly loves dresses – besides lace and Ankara, there are plenty more of Wana’s dress styles to admire.

Gold and burgundy are one of the timeless color pairings in women’s fashion, which is one of the reasons why Wana’s recent wedding look works so well.

Even a simple ivory bodycon dress can be made much more interesting with an addition to a beautiful pattern and Wana’s incredible ability to work any look.

Wana Udobang is no stranger to the popular fashion trends: check out her rendition of the striped pattern craze that has dominated the fashion for a few years straight!

A shirt dress is a great choice for plus-sized figures; plus, this style looks simply adorable on Wana Wana, whose fashion sense can elevate any outfit to a work of art.

With her next dress style, Wana Udobang can teach us all a lesson: the blue maxi dress and the flat strapped sandals could be a cool casual look for the beach, but the addition of a black cardigan makes the look much more versatile.

3. Wana Udobang casual styles

Wana Wana often gets photographed while attending daytime events, meeting with friends, or simply running errands, and she’s never boring with her casual fashion choices.

Take a clue from Wana on how to elevate basic blue skinny jeans: just pair them with an extraordinary top – for example, this blouse with a leopard print is a pretty good choice.

Wana’s next casual look is what dreams are made of! The metallic skirt and burgundy shirt are a great combo on their own, but the adorable peach-colored cardigan ties the whole look together.

Another popular fashion trend that quickly made its way into Wana Udobang’s wardrobe is peplum: check out Wana rocking this navy peplum top and white pencil skirt combination like a true fashion pro!

Wana Wana is no stranger to more daring outfits: for example, this navy blue jumpsuit would likely confuse less experienced wearers, but Wana is never afraid to take a fashion risk that ultimately pays off!

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