Anita Baker Hairstyles You Just Need To Try!

R&B performer Anita Baker has been known to wear a short hairstyle for over 20 years now and she still looks gorgeous with it. It was she who started the trend for such a look in the 1980’s.

If you are sick and tired of yarn braids, bear in mind that Anita Baker haircut in Nigeria is really fashionable now and almost every second woman is wearing it!

This post is going to deal with Anita Baker hairstyles that are becoming popular again!

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1. Anita Baker haircut: advantages and who it can suit

Anita’s famous shortcut was inspired by innovative Janet Jackson’s hairstyle. It’s minimalistic and easy to care- you can even do it yourself! It looks best on wavy thick hair but it can look good on straight hair too.

Lots of celebrities, top models, and other popular people are known to be rocking this hairstyle. Stylists offer new twists and hints to the style every day so you won’t get bored!

Don’t be afraid that this style will become a cliché like box braids: Anita has demonstrated that women with short hairstyles can look equally feminine as girls with long hair!

2. Anita Baker haircut styles

Anita Baker hairstyle in Nigeria is a popular staple these days! This hairstyle is for brave women who are not scared to look manly without their long hair.

Check out these hairstyles inspired by legendary Anita Baker hairstyle.

This is a perfect solution for women with thick wavy hair. It is easy to maintain while the slightly highlighted top gives an edgy vibe to the style.

This hairstyle is almost identical to the original Anita Baker haircut, but it a little bit revamped. With this style, you will have to keep the shaved sides and pamper your curls to keep looking gorgeous.

Another variation on Anita Baker short hairstyles, this style will suit women with either straight or wavy hair. It’s minimalistic but posh at the same time.

This hairstyle needs to be taken care of (still to less extent than dreadlocks hairstyles!), but it looks really fantastic, especially with bright makeup.

Besides the iconic high-top fade Anita Baker short hair, there’s also a bowl cut. In this style, the hair looks less voluminous than Anita’s, but it is still a decent 2017 re-mastering of the legendary 80’s hairstyle!

Anita baker short haircut

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