Chelsea FC Players Cars You Can Start Dreaming About!

Chelsea FC players cars are closely associated with the cool football players themselves since these guys are magnetically attracted to extravagant and exotic vehicles.

We have carefully inspected their social media pages and are happy to offer to your attention these stupendous Chelsea players cars that iconic Blues players have purchased for themselves. Keep reading to find out what vehicles Stamford Bridge stars have opted for!

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1. Eden Hazard house and cars

Eden Hazard car collection is definitely worth looking at! The guy became the 2015 PFA Player of the year and his car fleet includes white Audi R8 V10 (costing £130,000) and a silver Mercedes Benz AMG GTR! Eden Hazard car collection can also brag with the BMW X6 in black (worth £70,000) and an Audi RS4 Avant (valued at £60,000).

The famous footballer from Belgium currently considers moving house since his present house doesn’t seem to be big enough to fit all of his winning trophies.

I probably need to move to a bigger house. It’s a joke, actually! It does feel good to win so many games and receive trophies, though.

Eden Hazard’s Audi R8:

Hazard’s Mercedes Benz AMG GTR:

Eden’s BMW X6:

Footballer’s Audi RS4 Avant:

Simply check out this magnificent mansion!

2. Mesut Ozil car

Compared to many other Chelsea players and their cars Mesut Ozil definitely stands out! He is one of the best paid footballers at Arsenal and it’s no wonder that this midfielder has a really remarkable car collection!

The German World Cup holder has been a player for the best clubs in the world so he can has afford some really breathtaking cars.

The Chelsea FC car fleet belonging to Mesut includes:

  • Ferrari 458;

  • Mercedes SLS AMG;

  • Golf GTI R;

  • Audi Q7;

  • Audi RS5.

3. Willian cars

Check out the cars that belong to Chelsea’s Brazilian midfielder Willian. At the moment Willian is driving a black Bentley Bentayga.

Willian was spotted at EA sports promotional event controlling a driverless BMW M3 with a PlayStation Controller. This event was held to promote the Need for Speed game.

4. Cesc Fabregas cars

The midfielder from Spain drives a Brittish grey Aston Martin DB9 valued at about £190,000. Cesc was also seen in a navy-blue Range Rover Sport costing £60,000.

Fabregas obviously has great taste in cars: he used to drive a grey Audi R8, a white Audi A7, red Ferrari F12 and Ferrari 458. Fabregas also used to own lots of sport cars at the start of his career at Arsenal.

Cesc’s Aston Martin DB9:

Fabregas’s Range Rover Sport:

Star’s Audi R8:

Footballer’s Audi A7:

… and Ferrari F12 & Ferrari 458:

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