Infinix Note 3 Pro vs. Infinix Note 3: What’s The Difference?

The Infinix Note 3 was already one of the hottest new smartphone models of last year in Nigeria, so when the Infinix Note 3 Pro came out, buyers had a hard time choosing between the two Infinix phones. Check out our ultimate Infinix Note 3 Pro vs Infinix Note 3 comparison that’ll help you make the choice!

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1. Design and display

One of the first things you notice when comparing the Infinix Note 3 features to the Infinix Note 3 Pro specs is that the two phones are absolutely indistinguishable when it comes to the display characteristics. Both devices come with a 6-inch Full HD display.

Visually it’s also hard to tell the two phones apart. Both the Infinix Note 3 Pro and the Infinix Note 3 come in a high quality plastic body that is standard for this price segment. The range of available colours includes four shades: gold, silver, grey, and rose gold.

2. Performance

The performance is, perhaps, the most important part of Infinix Note 3 specification, and the device does not disappoint. The Infinix Note 3 specs include a 1.3GHz octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and 16GB of build-in memory with the microSD expansion opportunity to 128GB.

Again, the Infinix Note 3 Pro features are not too different from the Infinix Note 3 full specification. The processor, OS, and internal memory are similar in both devices. However, there is one major difference – the Note 3 Pro comes with 3GB of RAM on board.

One more advantage of the Infinix Note 3 Pro that is worth noting is its support of the 4G LTE technology – something the Infinix Note 3 doesn’t have.

3. Camera and battery

The good news for everyone wanting to know about Infinix Note 3 vs. Note 3 Pro comparison is that the most major difference are the cameras of the two phones.

As you’d find out from any Infinix Note 3 review, the device has fairly average camera specs – a 13MP primary camera with LED flash and a 5MP front camera for selfies. When it comes to the camera, the Infinix Hot Note Pro specs are much more exciting with its 16MP and 8MP cameras.

The Infinix Note 3 battery is the same as the Note 3 Pro’s battery – both phones are powered by a 4500mAh battery with fast charging technology. The battery promises up to 528 hours of standby time, which is very good given the affordable Infinix Note 3 price and Infinix Note 3 Pro price.

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4. Pricing

Both the Infinix Note 3 and Note 3 Pro belong to the affordable segment of smartphones, but how much is Infinix Note 3 and 3 Pro exactly?

The price of Infinix Note 3 in Nigeria starts at ₦60,000, although you can obviously score a lower Infinix Note 3 price in Nigeria if you go for a used device. Currently you can buy a new Infinix Note 3 Pro in Nigeria for ₦68,000, although a used Infinix Note 3 Pro price in Nigeria is considerably lower.

5. Conclusion

Now that we’ve covered the Infinix Note 3 specs and price in Nigeria and went over the Infinix Note 3 Pro review, we’re ready to pick the ultimate winner of this battle.

Even though the differences between the two devices are not too big, the 3GB of RAM and the better camera of the Infinix Note 3 Pro are enough to convince us that it’s the better option, especially given that the price difference between the phones is minimal.

Go for the Note 3 Pro and you’re definitely not going to be disappointed. However, we must say that the Infinix Note 3 is not a bad choice either, particularly if you’re shopping for a new phone on a budget!

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