Shea Butter Benefits For Your Face, Body And Hair

There are many popular ingredients and products used in the world of beauty, but none of them is as adored as shea butter. There are dozens of shea butter benefits for hair, body, and face, but what exactly can it do for you? Check out our complete guide to the health benefits of shea butter!

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1. What is shea butter?

Before we answer the question: “What is shea butter used for?”, let’s find out what it actually is. Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of Shea tree and is mostly used in the cosmetics industry, although there are known uses of shea butter in cooking.

You’ve probably only seen white or ivory refined shea butter, but unrefined shea butter is actually yellow. The butter has a very subtle smell with nutty undertones and won’t overpower the smell of your perfume when you apply it before leaving the house.

2. Shea butter uses for skin

Whether you use pure shea butter, a shea butter cream or other shea-based product, you can take advantage of the numerous benefits of shea butter on face and body.

1. Stretch marks

If you’re pregnant or recently gave birth, experienced rapid weight loss or weight gain, shea butter for stretch marks is your most effective solution. Shea butter not only makes stretch marks on the stomach, thighs, and breasts gradually disappear, but also prevents new ones from appearing.

2. Acne

Acne is a common skin problem not only for teenagers, but also for many adults, and using shea butter for acne delivers amazing results. Thanks to the high natural content of vitamin A, or retinol, an anti-acne shea butter face cream can be as effective as pharmaceutical acne solutions.

One of the most important benefits of shea butter on face comes from the butter’s natural ability to make the acne scars fade, even if those scars are a decade old. Include a retinol-reach shea butter soap into your beauty routine and watch the condition of your skin become better!

3. Dry skin

Although shea butter is be great for all skin types, it has proven to be especially effective for treating dry and irritated skin. How to use shea butter on face to alleviate dryness? You can apply the butter directly to the irritated areas overnight or make shea butter face masks.

4. Anti-ageing

If you’re worried about spotting premature fine lines and wrinkles, take advantage of an essential benefit of shea butter for face. Use shea butter on face at night to stimulate the production of collagen, reduce existing wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones.

5. Skin lightening

There are many beauty benefits of shea butter, but not many ladies know that you can also use shea butter for skin lightening. So, is shea butter good for skin lightening? The truth is that while shea butter can’t fight severe pigmentation and discoloration, it can give your skin an overall glowing look thanks to its moisturizing properties and ability to smooth out the skin.

6. Lips

Prepare to be truly surprised: shea butter for lips can be better than the most effective lip balm! How to use shea butter on your lips? Simply apply a thick layer of butter overnight to get rid of chapped and dry lips! Use it during the day to create a moisturizing barrier for your lips.

7. Skin imperfections

Every woman is familiar with occasional razor burns and bumps, scratches, rashes, and scars, but not everyone knows that shea butter benefits for scars and other skin imperfections are super powerful. Apply pure shea butter or shea body butter cream directly to the problem areas.

3. Shea butter uses for hair

You may already have your holy grail product for hair, but wait until you see all of the amazing shea butter recipes and uses for hair.

1. Conditioning

One of the top shea butter benefits for hair is its ability to serve as the most natural and effective hair conditioner. Use pure shea butter for co-washing or apply it to the hair after a wash to take advantage of the high vitamin A and E content.

2. Hair loss

There are dozens of reasons for hair loss, but not nearly as many effective solutions. Using shea butter for natural hair allows you to treat hair loss by reducing scalp inflammation and soothing irritated scalp skin, which are one of the most common reasons for unexpected weight loss.

3. Split ends

Split ends and hair breakage is a very common hair issue, and shea butter can be very helpful in the treatment of this condition. How to make shea butter work for your split ends? Use it as a hair mask, applying after a wash to the ends of the hair and leaving for 30 minutes.

4. Hair growth

Want to look in the mirror and see long, luscious locks? Then use shea butter for hair growth! Warm up a little shea butter on a water bath, apply to the full hair length, including the roots, and leave for 30 minutes before washing off with warm water. This is how to use shea butter for hair growth.

4. Shea butter uses for babies

Babies have famously sensitive skin that can develop rashes, irritations, and severe dryness, but not every skin product can be used on baby skin due to the risk of more irritations. Luckily, you and your little one can experience the benefits of shea butter for babies with no side effects!

The main effect of shea butter on baby skin is its ability to gently moisturize and nourish the skin without causing any allergic reactions. Apply shea butter to the skin after a bath or use it directly on irritated areas or diaper rash for a quick relief.

5. Shea butter recipes

Now that you know everything about using shea butter for hair and skin, it’s time to find out some of the most effective ways of how to make shea butter at home!

1. Shea butter soap recipe

Here is how to make shea butter soap: combine 135 gr. of shea butter, 135 gr. of palm oil, 360 gr. of olive oil, 180 gr. of coconut oil, 100 gr. of coconut milk, 90 gr. of castor oil, 200 gr. of distilled water, and 123 gr. of lye. Combine the liquefied ingredients and pour into soap molds.

If you want to know how to use shea butter to lighten skin, you can pair it with another beauty secret of Nigerian women – the black soap. For example, you can use Jergens shea butter for making black soap according to the usual recipe for an even more noticeable effect.

2. Shea butter and coconut oil hair mask

What better way to get beautiful hair than by using the two most popular beauty ingredients, shea butter and coconut oil? The shea butter and coconut oil mix for hair can be improved by the addition of castor oil for hair growth and essential oil for a nice aroma.

3. Shea butter and olive oil hair mask

Shea butter and olive oil for hair growth is another beauty combination that hair professionals swear by. Add honey to the mixture to soothe the irritated scalp and get rid of scalp inflammations that can also prevent healthy hair growth.

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