Infinix Launches The Infinix Hot 6 And The Infinix Hot 6 Pro!

We haven’t finished enjoying new Infinix Hot S3, and now the Infinix Hot 6 party begins!

Infinix Mobility launches their first smartphone with a Snapdragon chipset and makes it a double pleasure – please welcome Infinix Hot 6 & Hot 6 Pro!

Infinix Hot 6 and Infinix hot 6 Pro specifications are very similar: both smartphones run on Android Oreo 8.0, have a flagship appearance and show some amazing characteristics. The OS was refreshed and have a better performance, presenting a seamless user experience.

Let’s take a closer look at the features and find out what the Infinix Hot 6 & Iinfinix hot 6 pro price in Nigeria will be!

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1. Design

Both smartphones are beautifully crafted and have a very ergonomic design. On the back of the devices, we notice the influence of iPhone X.

The top bezel shows off the LED notification, call reception speaker, proximity sensor, 5 MP camera & selfie flash. The bottom is minimalistic and has nothing on it.

There is SIM slot (dual-SIM + SD card) on the left side of the device, the right side reveals the power and volume buttons.

Both smartphones have the USB port, the speaker grills the microphone and headphone jack, located to the bottom of the device.

On the back, you will find the dual cams with dual LED flash. We notice the fingerprint sensor below.

2. Display

The Infinix Hot 6/6 Pro has a huge 6” screen; it is ultra-convenient to watch videos and play HD video games. 18:9 display to phone body aspect ratio makes the dig display even cooler.

The edges of the smartphone’s display have got curved, and both models come with on-display navigation buttons; you can hide them anytime to get the full view.

The good news is that the bigger display doesn’t affect the convenience of the process of using the phone – it feels very comfortable to hold the device in your hand.

3. Battery

The Infinix hot 6 Pro features a powerful 4000 mAh battery that lets you enjoy the device (browsing, gaming) to the fullest all day long. Even in the conditions of heavy usage, the battery lasts for several hours!

4. Software

Qualcomm Snapdragon performs just right to your expectations.

Both smartphones come with different sizes of ROM and RAM. Hot 6 has got 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage, the «Pro bro» is packed with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage.

The phones are crafted with the face ID technology (a good bonus to a fingerprint scanner) for the maximum security lovers.

Both smartphones can use 4G LTE network.

5. Infinix Hot 6 Pro specs

6. Conclusion

Your choice between the Hot 6 and Hot 6 Pro depends only on your needs and budget.

Buy Hot 6 if you are a social-media, picture-taking lover (etc.), and opt for Hot 6 Pro for heavy gaming & app using.

7. Infinix Hot 6 Pro & Infinix hot 6 price in Nigeria

  • Infinix Hot 6 price is N49,380,00.
  • Infinix Hot 6 Pro costs N56,955,00.

Infinix Hot 6 Pro: Unboxing, Hands On & Impressions!

Here is my Opinion on the Infinix Hot 6 Pro. Thanks for Watching… Price: 32GB Rom+3GB Ram N48600 or $134 16GB Rom+1GB Ram N37300 or $100 16GB Rom+2GB Ram N41500 or $115 What do you think about the Price?

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