How To Make Distressed Jeans: 3 Easy Techniques

Distressed jeans are the hottest denim trends of the year: every day you can see celebrities and people in the street rocking their jeans that have been distressed. Wondering how to make distressed jeans? Check out 3 most popular distressing jeans techniques!

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1. Five types of distressed jeans

Not all distressed jeans are created equal, so before you learn how to distress denim jeans, let’s go over the basics and find out about 5 types of distressed jeans. Here they are:

  • Knee-ripped jeans have only two big rips and are the mild version of distressed jeans.

  • Bleached jeans can be ripped or not ripped, but they have a distinctive light-blue colour due to the bleaching.


  • Skinny ripped jeans are very popular thanks to their universally flattering fit and many possible ways to distress them.

  • Boyfriend distressed jeans are a perfect choice of jeans for a girl who is a bit of a fashion rebel and loves comfortable clothes.

  • Repaired ripped jeans, where the holes are repaired with the help of different patches, are the newest way to rock distressed jeans.

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2. How to distress jeans with bleach

Wondering how to distress skinny jeans to give them a fashionably worn out look? Here is a step-by-step guide for bleaching your jeans. Remember that it’s very important to wear thick rubber gloves when working with bleach to avoid chemical burns.

  1. Pour a container of bleach into a large plastic bowl, fill the empty bleach bottle with water and pour it into the bleach to get a perfect 1:1 ratio.
  2. Put the ends of the jeans or whole jeans, depending on your taste, into the bowl, and let them sit covered by bleach for 15 minutes.
  3. Carefully rinse the jeans in cold running water for several minutes and lay the jeans flat to dry.
  4. Wait for the jeans to dry completely and they’re finally ready to wear. Now you know how to design jeans at home using bleach!

3. How to make distressed jeans with a razor

The next method of how to distress boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans only requires a razor, jeans, and a flat surface. Follow these steps to get your own razor-distressed jeans:

  1. Choose the part of your jeans you want to distress. Pick a small fragment, since a large distressed area can lead to premature wearing out of the jeans.
  2. Place the jeans on a flat surface, take a brand new sharp razor, and start shaving the fabric.
  3. Shave away from your body and regularly check whether you’ve achieved the desired result.
  4. This method can also be used on stitches, waistband, pockets, and zipper area.

4. How to make distressed jeans with scissors

If you’re wondering how to distress jeans at the knee, the best way to do it is to use scissors. Here are the steps to your perfectly distressed jeans:

  1. To achieve an even more distressed look, go over the desired areas of the jeans with a sandpaper.
  2. Wear the jeans and decide where you want to make the holes. Mark those areas with chalk.
  3. Place a piece of flat wood or plastic underneath the front part of the jeans and make the holes using scissors.
  4. To give your jeans a more natural look, slightly fray the cuts with the same scissors.
  5. Wash the jeans in a washing machine, adding a little bleach if you want to distress them some more. Wait for them to dry and wear your newly distressed jeans!

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