Naija Blouses For Wrapper: The Most Eye-Catchy Collection You Have Ever Seen!

Are you looking for the most stylish & trendy Naija blouses for wrapper? Then this post will answer all your questions!

The traditional costume of Nigerian women consists precisely of these two elements: madam blouse and wrapper. They have a long history and still remain in demand.

Let’s take a good look at the trendiest lace blouse and wrapper styles 2018, most popular combinations of colors, patterns, and fabrics that will help you always remain elegant and attractive.

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1. Nigerian wrapper and blouse styles

1.1. Lace blouses for wrapper

Today such materials as silk, guipure, chiffon, and knitwear are very popular in creating blouses, but the most favorite fabric I definitely lace (French lace and other types)!

The elegance, subtlety, and piquancy of this material give an opportunity to create wonderful, feminine blouse styles for wrapper.

1.2. Cord lace blouses for wrapper

Cord lace (or as it also called Guipure) became a cogent trend amongst modern fashionistas, that’s why there are so many various cord lace styles to choose from.

The advantage of Guipure is that it matches almost any other fabric in creating astonishing styles, and the good news is that it is quite inexpensive!

1.3. Aso Ebi Nigerian blouse styles

Aso Ebi outfit always looks stylish and gives woman really delicate and demure look. Here you can combine nearly any colors you want to look wonderful!

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1.4. Latest Igbo blouse styles for wrappers

Latest Igbo Blouse Styles for Wrappers: Niger-Delta & Igbo Women Fashion (African Fashion)

See over 100 pictures of latest igbo blouse styles for wrappers and traditional weddings – gorgeous lace blouses worn by stylish igbo and Niger-Delta women (of Nigeria) to events and occasions or as igba nkwu attire/ igbo engagement outfit. Nigerian women usually wear these lace blouses on vlisco hollandais wrappers, george wrappers or wax prints (ankara).

2. Ankara blouse and wrapper: styles & tips for an ideal look

It’s no secret that monochrome clothes are boring. Bring a burst of vivid colors to your image – try Ankara blouse and wrapper lace styles!

The most important thing is to learn to combine clothes correctly, and here we will give you a few pieces of advice:

  • Do not overdo. The best way to achieve harmony in your look is to use only one cloth with a bright print; the other clothes have to serve as a background. Just for example – a dark-colored stylish wrapper balances any bright blouse and vice versa.
  • Use the same pattern, but choose different size. You can easily experiment combining similar prints, but the patterns you use must be of different size. Choose a wrapper with a small pattern, add a blouse with larger pattern.
  • Geometry rules. Clothes with a geometric print can really transform the proportions of your figure. The vertical lines make you look taller, stretching your silhouette, the horizontal lines give your figure some volume. Use this rule to hide the disadvantages of your figure!
  • Similar colors. The prints you mix must have similar basic color or several additional shades. One good example: choose floral or geometric prints only if they are located in a similar color scheme. Choose a classic combination of black & white if you are not sure.
  • Do not overuse animalistic prints. You do not want to look extra vulgarly, do you? So be decent with animalistic prints, do not combine floral and animal prints, stripes, checkered patterns, and circles together. Choose the cloth with one of these print types and combine it with one-color cloth of neutral color like beige, red, black. Also, do not use more than two accessories when wearing leopard prints.
  • Choosing the bright print, opt for simple style! A blouse with the catchy floral print does not look good, if it has many frills, ruches, and folds – they will lose in the background. A bright print looks winning only on a simple cut cloth.
  • The question of relevance. Not only the style of a blouse but also the prints determine its functionality. You should choose different prints for the different situations. For example, you can usually wear strips or checkered prints in the office or on the everyday basis. Eye-catching and bright prints are appropriate for a visit to a treater, restaurant or concert. Choose romantic, gentle patterns for a date.

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3. George wrapper styles

We proudly present you these latest trendy George blouse and wrapper styles of 2018. This collection reveals a great variety of lacy and embroidered patterns that look just wonderful in a combination with a bright color palette.

Add a festive look to your wardrobe, live your life to fullest!

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4. Blouse styles for wrapper 2014

50 Beautiful Ankara Blouse And Wrapper Styles

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