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How To Steam Hair With Egg In 8 Easy Steps!

If you are looking for how to steam hair with egg, that means you know how it could sometimes be difficult to keep one’s hair in the best shape possible, and every woman can attest to this!

And egg hair mask is a proven miracle for the health of your hair, stimulating it’s growth, making it really strong and smooth.

In this post, we will tell you about this natural hair mask in details, give a detailed manual of how to use egg hair treatment, about the benefits of hair steaming with egg. As a bonus, we will give you some additional recipes of hair mask for hair growth!

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1. Benefits of egg for hair

If you’re wondering, how to steam hair in a most natural way without a hair steamer, here’s your answer:

  • Moisturizing effect. Natural egg treatment for hair growth is one of the best moisturizers for your hair, so it gives all necessary moisture boost, making your hair extra-smooth and soft.
  • Another important benefit of this treatment is that it really strengthens your hair and prevents hair breakage. Therefore, if your hair is weak and damaged, egg treatment is a real panacea.
  • Shine restoration. Egg mask can restore the initial luster and shine of your hair thanks to fatty acids containing in eggs. You will forget about the dull hair!
  • Hair loss prevention. The vitamins E and A that contain in eggs is an effective remedy for this common problem. Moreover, as we mentioned above, eggs make the hair roots stronger.
  • Hair growth. You can effectively use usual egg for hair growth! The B12, A, D and E vitamins are, maybe, the most effective remedies for hair growth. It a good source of fatty acids, sulfur and proteins – everything you need to make your hair grow faster! So if you are looking for the best ways of how to use egg for hair growth – you’re on the right way.

2. Egg mask for hair growth

You can condition your hair with this simple ingredient to increase the health and growth of your hair – and the best way if how to steam hair at home! Just think of it: proteins help your hair build it’s «body» from the inside, and eggs contain about 3.6 g – 6.5 g of proteins per egg.

Here’s the manual of how to steam natural hair:

  1. Break an egg and place the white and yolk into the bowl. Don’t forget to remove the cord-like structure of the egg.
  2. Take 1 tbsp. of oil and mix it with the whites and yolks.
  3. Cover the mass until you will be ready to use the mask.
  4. When you are, take the mixture, wash your hair with shampoo and rinse it.
  5. Then squeeze it with a soft towel, removing the excess water.
  6. Apply the egg mixture evenly to your hair. Try to apply the mask on every hair strand concentrate on hair ends.
  7. Then cover your hair with the shower cap and wait for 20 minutes.
  8. Rinse the mask with water, use moisturizing conditioner (leave it on for several minutes, then rinse it off. Style your hair as you like, enjoy the effect!

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How often to use egg on hair? Well, you can apply egg mask 1 or 2 times a week regardless of your hair type – this is enough to make your hair healthier.

How to use egg for hair – video tutorial:

3. Best ingredients for steaming hair at home

  • White Vinegar;
  • Molasses;
  • Avocado;
  • Olive Oil;
  • Coconut Oil;
  • Cinnamon and Nutmeg.

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4. How to steam hair with egg and mayonnaise

5. Egg and honey hair mask

6. DIY hair masks you have to try!

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