Weaving Hairstyles For Children: 25 Inspirational Looks

We often see gorgeous protective hairstyles for adults, but children also need to have their natural hair protected. there are plenty of children’s braids black hairstyles to choose from for girls of any age. Check out 25 best weaving hairstyles for children!

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1. Long box braids

Box braids are among the most popular hairstyles for girls – they are relatively easy to style and fit any girl’s appearance.

2. Braided side bun

Looking for little black girls hairstyles for school with a twist? Check out this braided side bun with golden accents!

3. Beaded mini braids

We’ve seen many examples of kids braided hairstyles with beads we loved, but this has got to be the most adorable beaded and braided style of the past year!

4. Cornrows with a ponytail

Cornrows make great little girl hairstyles, and when you add a high ponytail, the hairstyle becomes suitable for any look and occasion.

5. Symmetric pigtails

A great way to finish off braid hairstyles for kids is to create two symmetric pigtails – there is no better time to wear pigtails then when you’re a little kid!

6. Thin box braids

Sometimes you want to go the easy route when choosing a new hairstyle for your baby girl, and thin box braids for girls are definitely a solid choice.

7. Cornrows with gold beads

Black kids hairstyles with beads remain extremely popular: we see different kinds of beads attached to braids, but delicate golden beads are an especially elegant choice.

8. Natural braids

A cool new hairstyle for girls that is now all over Instagram is thin natural braids, and to make the hairstyle even cuter, you can leave the ends of the hair as they are.

9. Cornrows with bun

Choosing braids for kids with long hair can often be challenging if you don’t want to let the braids just hang loose, but you can always style them into a high bun and decorate it with adorable hair clips.

10. Twist braids

Another popular variety of children’s braids hairstyles are twist braids that are great at protecting delicate children’s hair and looking great for a long time.

11. Thin braids

Thin braids for black kids look fantastic in any situation, and letting a couple of braids frame the girl’s face is a surefire way to make your little fashionista stand out.

12. Box braids

Box braids are a beloved hairstyle for girls, and you can make it look even better by choosing different-sized braids for an unusual effect.

13. Braid side ponytail

We see a side ponytail in many little black girl hairstyles, but adding beads and bows can quickly turn regular braids into a fashionable style.

14. Braided mohawk

Looking for an edgy version of weaving styles for children? Consider a mohawk that can be styled using any type of braids!

15. Beaded box braids

When the occasion calls for a truly special hairstyle, decorate box braids with golden jewelry and style the baby hairs so that they stand out.

16. Ponytail braids

Ponytail braids are cute, easy to style, age-appropriate, and comfortable to wear – everything you’re looking for in weave hairstyles for kids is here!

17. Long box braids

When your little girl is more grown-up and wants her hairstyle to resemble the ones worn by adults, get her long box braids decorated with golden beads!

18. Box braids with a fringe

This box braided hairstyle with a high bun would have been pretty standard, but the side-swept fringe makes it much more interesting.

19. Family box braids

Getting the same type of braids for the mom and daughter is not only a great bonding activity, but also an easy way to make both of your hairstyles look perfect.

20. Cornrows with colourful accents

Add a fun twist to your cornrows hairstyle with colourful accents that you can match to your clothes or simply choose your favourite colours.

21. Simple bun

A bun made of braids is, perhaps, the most practical hairstyle you can choose for a schoolgirl: it requires minimal styling and is super comfortable to wear.

22. Cornrows with a ponytail

Combine cornorws with natural hair in one adorable hairstyle that looks so good on little girls!

23. Cornrows with beads

Make your little girl’s hairstyle absolutely unique by decorating her cornrows with beaded shapes – for example, a heart or a flower.

24. Box braids with curled ends

Add a feminine touch to any braided hairstyles by leaving the ends of the braids loose and curling them with a curling iron.

25. Double buns

Double buns are a hairstyle that looks absolutely great on little girls, and adding a defined symmetric part makes the whole look even more impressive.

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