Manual vs. Automatic Transmission: Which One To Choose?

You need to make so many different choices when picking your new car, but the choice between manual vs automatic transmission is one of the most important ones. Find out what is the difference between manual and automatic transmission and check out these automatic vs. manual pros & cons!

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1. Automatic transmission pros and cons

Even though the number of automatic transmission drivers continues to grow, buyers are still finding drawbacks in these cars. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of automatic cars!

1. Pros

  1. Automatic transmission cars are better for beginners: when drivers are only learning, it’s much more comfortable to have both hands on the steering wheel than being additionally distracted by the gear stick.
  2. A big difference between auto and manual cars is that automatic cars never stall, especially when it’s dangerous – for example, at an intersection. Manual transmission vehicles are much more prone to accidental stalling.
  3. It goes without saying that if you decide to change manual transmission to automatic, you will have a much easier time driving your vehicle without worrying about changing gears at the right time.
  4. What is the difference between manual and automatic car in hilly terrains? With an automatic car you will have zero problems driving up even the steepest hill!

2. Cons

  1. You’re probably wondering: are automatics faster than manual cars? The answer is no, but a major difference between manual and automatic is that automatic transmission gives you less control. For example, you may find yourself making a U-turn in a higher gear than you feel comfortable in.
  2. If you want to know which car is better, automatic or manual, from a financial point of view, you need to know that cars with automatic transmission cost more both upfront and in the long run due to more expensive repairs and maintenance.
  3. Automatic transmission vs manual transmission fuel efficiency is a subject of many debates. Automatic transmission uses the torque convertor to change gears, which ultimately leads to consuming more fuel and increased fuel expenses.

2. Manual transmission pros and cons

To choose right between manual vs automatic car, you need to know not only the advantages and disadvantages of automatic transmission, but also the advantage of manual transmission vs automatic.

1. Pros

  1. The difference between automatic and manual car that makes many buyers decide in favour of the manual transmission is, of course, the price. Manual cars cost considerably less than automatic, as do the repair jobs and spare parts.
  2. Manually operated cars have lighter and less complex engines that automatic cars, which saves you money on fuel in the long run. Why a manual transmission is better? Because owners can save up to 15% of fuel compared to automatic cars!
  3. With a manual transmission you have full control of the vehicle, which is especially great for skilled drivers who can make important road decisions in nanoseconds.
  4. Given the popularity of automatic cars and how easy they are to drive, they are the ones that are frequently stolen. Some potential car thieves simply don’t know how to drive stick, which gives your manual car better protection.

2. Cons

  1. Manual transmission requires you to operate a gear stick and an extra pedal, which can be quite distracting for anyone who doesn’t feel too confident on the road.
  2. Is automatic car or manual car better in heavy traffic? There is only one right question: a manual car can stall or display other unexpected behaviour, which can can be both embarrassing and dangerous when there is a hundred of cars surrounding you.
  3. For those who think about automatic car vs manual car in terms of resale value, the most important thing to know that even though manual cars are generally more durable, the popularity of automatic cars gives them a much higher resale value.

3. Conclusion

Ultimately, the choice between automatic and manual cars depends on a few factors: your driving experience, your budget, and whether you can hold your composure while driving. Automatic transmission is obviously more modern, but there are millions of drivers who don’t even want to hear anything about how to change from automatic to manual transmission!

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